PEGS: For the Dining Room


Breakfast at home  – crazy mismatched everything, hahaha!

*Updated* I actually love our dining table – my mother lent it to me and it’s made of beautiful hard wood, with 2 benches.  But the problem is the sides of the table are a bit closed off with big slabs of wood, so we can’t fit a high chair on either end.  There are benches instead of chairs, and the benches are too low for Alo, and too narrow to fit a booster seat.  Size-wise, it’s built for 4 people. And, beautiful as it is, my parents picked it out and naturally it reflects their taste more than mine.


Image via Minimalisti and Decorilla

I crushed hard on those French metal cafe chairs for a while.   Then I got a bit over it and started crushing on those white Eames chairs – and rip-offs of that design were everywhere – online Ikea sellers and even department stores.  The photo above is a perfect mix of the 2 types of chairs I like.


Image via Home Designing

Here the chairs at the kabisera are armchairs, a slight variation that I also like if you want to go with more matchy chairs.  But I can’t do armchairs because I would have to fit booster chairs for Alo and eventually Baby No. 3 (they won’t fit in the regular white chairs too ergo the metal cafe chairs because the seats are flat).

And much as I like all wood tables like the ones above, I decided to go with a wood top table with metal legs.  So now it’s deciding whether I should get one with black metal legs:


Image via Home Designing

Or maybe white metal legs?  My worry with going with black is that it looks like a study desk, and it’s a bit more common.  White may look cleaner. This beautiful home has the exact table I am pining for (get the pun, hehe), with the matching chairs and all:

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Image sources for gallery: Apartment Therapy; Apartment Therapy; Decouvrir L’Endroit du Decor; My DomaineDecouvrir L’Endroit du Decor

Locally, I found furniture maker Dekko making similar tables like the ones with the white legs above (here).   I loved it.  I love the grid thing Dekko does on the legs, like the table is propped up on a frame.  And I like the pinewood slabs Dekko uses.  (I shall ask for a quote and request for the legs to be painted stark white talaga).

Sigh, castles in the sky is what I call this exercise (I picked that up from Little Women, hehe).  But I’m pretty relentless when I’ve made up my mind about what I want and like, so I’m going to make everything happen at one point.  Oh, and as to details, I noticed for that clean Nordic look it’s all about white pots and plants or pottery or sleek steel accessories to keep everything streamlined noh?

Our dining area is tiny, and right now there’s a console table (also a hand-me-down from my parents!) there which I would have preferred to keep, but I don’t think it will fit if I get a 6-seater someday.  From the pictures I’ve devoured and scrutinized from all angles, everything has to look spacious and airy, with the dining set practically floating in the middle of these gorgeous Nordic rooms.  Well, there’s still that space under the spiral staircase.

More Scandinavian dining rooms:

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Image sources for gallery: Architecture Art Design; Hello Pretty Home; Home Designing (lots of lovely dining room inspo in that page, plus I like to review the photos for centerpiece ideas hehe); Home Design Lover; DigsDigs; Homedit; Home Design Lover

(In this site, I especially like the table in the first photo, with the 2 silver candle sticks and the silver salt and pepper shakers).

P.S. I was telling my long-standing blog buddy Glads and later on my mom, what I love about this house we moved into is the fact that there is space for the kids downstairs: there’s a bedroom and a lanai I converted into a playroom.  This means I got to reclaim our dining and living rooms without any kiddie mess!  (In our old house, the kids used the living room as a playroom; no one hung out in the 2 tiny bedrooms upstairs.  This new house is smaller than the old house, but it makes better sense for the boys and I).