PEGS: Clipboard Wall Art

I’ve been crushing on clipboard wall art for a while now.  When I get around to decorating the house, I know I’ll do this project (I’m still in the organizing stage).  In the meantime, here are my favorites:

In the first 2 photos, the bloggers used different kinds of clipboards, and did a gallery wall thing.  It’s so pretty, but I don’t have a good eye for creating an eclectic gallery wall like that, with everything misaligned but still unified and artsy.  I like, and feel more capable of recreating, something simpler and more streamlined like the 6 clipboards in that 3rd picture.

I LOVE these.  I think it may be more my style.  I’ve been trying to think of 4-letter words I can use when I want to switch up the typography.  Like “HOME” for every day, “LOVE” for Valentine’s, maybe “NOEL” for Christmas?  Is there a 4-letter word for Christmas?  Or Easter?  Or birthdays?  Heehee.

I’d love to use typography clipboard art to describe current seasons or celebrations, such as the ones featured above.  (It was even harder to come up with 3-letter words.  Maybe “EAT” for every day like in this site, but that means I have to put them near the dining area.  “JOY” for Christmas?).


All images from Real Living PH

Love the clipboards and the dark grey walls in these photos.  I love that girl’s house featured in Real Living, period.  We used to have beautiful midnight blue/dark grey walls in our old bedroom in the Darius house.  I still kind of miss it.  I don’t think I can pull off the eclectic look, but I enjoy it in other people’s homes.

P.S. This local brand, Artefact Handmade (FB), decorates clipboards with great graphic designs.


Agonizing about dining chairs in MOD Living


Plenty of Nordic “feels” in MOD Living!  |  21 August 2016

I’m getting a bit confused about what dining chairs to get!  I thought I knew I wanted these (based on my pegs!) but then I got muddled up because there were issues like:  1) I read in an old Real Living issue how those faux wood legs tend to squeak, and have to be tightened all the time; 2) though my mother assures me the last time this house got flooded was in 2012, I see her point about getting metal legs over faux wood, because the latter will not hold up after a flood (in other words, tutuklap!); and 3) our red vigan tiles seem to be screaming for something lighter, or a dining area rug even, if I still gun for that Nordic feel (incidentally, they always have light floors, I know I know, as much as I love them, our vigan tiles will be a challenge).

Just to recap, these were my original pegs:


I wanted a mix of those white plastic chairs with metal bistro chairs (via Decorilla and Minimalisti)


But I wanted this table.  I still decided to go with a mix of white plastic and metal bistro chairs, because those have flat seats for Alo’s booster chair (via Apartment Therapy)

I got the table.  I even found a black caged pendant light I liked, a variation of the one in the photo.  But because I ended up waffling on those faux wooden leg thingies, and suddenly found myself worrying that all that wood and white for the table and the chairs might be too matchy matchy, I seriously considered getting the same kind but with the metal legs version.  I kept going back to this other peg of mine for reference:

The table is different, sure.  And they’re using a darker rug.  That my floor is reddish was also really beginning to gnaw on me – I still can’t figure how to work around it so my dining area will look all light and airy and Nordic!  (I’m saving and linking these 2 useful articles 1 and 2 on how big your dining room area rugs should be).  But I do agree with my mother, those metal legs will be hardier in case of flood.  But then H pointed out, if it really floods, we’ll be putting all those chairs up on the table or something.  Also true.  My gad.  I am so confused!

I’ve been stalking MOD Living‘s site for a while now, and have made several calls.  Last weekend we were driving home from Virramall and were in the San Juan side of Ortigas Avenue.  Low and behold!  I spotted MOD Living to my right, in the E-Square Building, and made the H do a u-ey.  And now I am so so glad I finally got to visit MOD Living because the chairs look so much better in person that they do on their website!


French bistro chairs available in MOD Living (their Tolix chairs) in all colors.  However, unlike my peg, they don’t have the gunmetal color – out of stock for now!  The white is so pretty, but I think we’d do better with gunmetal talaga!


The white Charles chair with faux wood legs.  Leftmost is my other option, the Charles chair with metal legs – though the one on display here is acyrlic with purple tones.  It costs the same as the one with the wood legs.  (Oh and I really like that metal chair beside it too, the Charles chair wire according to their site).

I used to agonize about the same chairs not being available in Furniture Source Philippines (they order from Ikea, a repro of the Eames original).  But MOD Living carries the same reproductions, all year round, for the faux wood and metal leg versions, and I know at least that I’ll be buying my dining chairs from MOD Living.  It’s just a matter of finally deciding which ones!!!

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IT BEGINS (Work on the Dining Area)

Like I mentioned, my handcrafted dining table is here!  Nath from Dekko delivered it last Monday, promptly at 10:00 am, as he promised.  I am so happy about the quality – it’s built solid, with clean, beautiful lines.  Nath came with my receipt, a copy of my order form, a business card, and a free sticker, which I thought was a nice touch.  Had I been available to receive the delivery a week ago, the whole ordering processing would have taken less than 3 weeks.  Again, I have nothing but good words for Dekko and Nath – I highly recommend them!

Anyhoo!  Since my dining table is here, you know what that means, right?  Time to fix up the dining room – or rather, the dining area because it’s an open floor layout here at home.  I am nothing without my lists, so I of course have countless lists for this, hehe.  That includes dinnerware, mind!  I received a complete set when I got married, but you know how tastes change over the years (plus, I wanted my set to be mine, not “ours”).


I started with placemats and plates from Crate and Barrel

I struggle with figuring out how many sets to get, you know?  I didn’t want a complete 20-piece set of everything, so I’ve been going to places that sell everything per piece.  So far, I’ve gotten 6 plates and 6 placemats from Crate and Barrel.  And I had my heart set on flat modern-looking utensils (apparently, they’re called mid century) and found them in Muji, which also sells per piece, hurrah.  I got 6 sets of utensils (in stainless steel; I still have my wedding silver).  But should I go with 6 or 7?  (The 7th set in case one of the kids or maid breaks one of the plates).  But if I’m going with 7, then might as well go with 8, shouldn’t I? Definitely less than 10.  Aaaah.  I’ve been reading up about it, and basically they say to get the set and number that suits your every day needs!  Okay fine.  So this is me now obsessing about our every day dinnerware – in addition to everything else we need for our dining area!

FRAMED! (Inexpensive DIY wall art)

I’m back!  Was on lockdown the whole week because I was writing writing writing our big case study for work.  I emailed it last night, finally!  I had to shun all other work, engagements, phone calls, social media, projects at home.  You can’t imagine how hard it was for me especially since my handcrafted table was delivered last Monday and I was just itching to get some new dinnerware and fix up our dining area already!  WELL!  Now I’m back to the land of the living!    So let me just share this project that took us less than 20 minutes:


Framed wrapping paper (and my laundry schedule, hehe)!  And all made possible because of good old National Book Store!  I know, I know, framing wrapping paper has been done over and over again and is probably a staple in most DIY homes.  But I’ve always felt that regular frames may be too small.  I knew which wrapping papers to frame – I hoard embossed wrapping paper from Tie Me Up Buttercup.  They have the best designs for kids (oh and they have stalls in Greenbelt and Shangri-La Plaza).  It was just a matter of finding large frames.  Lo and behold – the H and I stumbled across poster frames in NBS Shang!

There’s such a thing pala noh?  Poster frames are apparently thinner than regular picture or certificate frames – instead of glass, this one uses acrylic, and it’s BIG!  (16″ x 20″). It has hooks in the back, too, and since it’s lighter than corkboards and regular picture frames, I’m not too worried about hanging it up. I picked out the wrapping paper (cars, of course, because I intend to put in the little boys’ room), and the H did all the cutting and fitting.  It’s still sitting in my bedroom for now – and I was thrilled when, the next morning, I saw Alo wake up and run screeching towards it.  He LOVES it.  Every time he sees it he still plops down in front of it to coo and point out the cars and trucks.  I may just leave it on the floor instead of hanging it up so Alo can enjoy it.

As for the framed laundry schedule – well, it took me longer to make than the wall decor, hahaha.  I had to sit down and figure out a laundry and ironing schedule for the maid.  Then I just printed it out and decorated it with my current favorite washi tape (the same tape I’ve been using for the Family Command Center).   The H bought and picked out the frame – it’s soft grey and it’s just a certificate frame from National, too.  Panalo ka talaga, National!

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6 months, 2 weeks, and 1 day pregnant |  14 August 2016 in Tweedle

I can’t close almost all my pants and shorts anymore!  I know I’m still thin everywhere else, but Baby Boy No. 3 is starting to grow every week and I’m just completely relieved about that.  No humble bragging there – I carry small!  It worries my mother.  I’ve been limiting myself to just 1 cup of coffee a day (drowning in milk).  Will be starting a coffee shop series soon – there are just so many new ones in Manila right now, and I’m there for the pastries and chocolate drinks and tea (since I can’t exactly indulge in actual coffee right now).  This one was taken in Tweedle in Quezon City – discovered a bunch of Agatha Christies there that I’ve never even heard of!

On the pregnancy front, I have to report that I haven’t experienced a lot of morning sickness or even carpal tunnel syndrome with Baby Boy No. 3.  Thank you Lord for that!  I had the most awful carpal tunnel syndromes when I was carrying Laz and Alo.  Had to wear wrist splints during both pregnancies.  No intense food cravings with Baby this time, too – except maybe for Chinese food but even that isn’t a weekly thing.

What I am experiencing more than I did with my first 2 pregnancies are cramps.  Insane cramps that have been leaving me writhing in pain.  Braxton Hicks perhaps?  All I know is this: it’s true what they say, no matter how many kids you have, every pregnancy is unique and different!

*Wearing: chambray shirt from Top Shop (yes, the same one, it’s been a pregnancy favorite it seems), army green pants from Uniqlo, slides from Birkenstock, bag from Madewell.