Some time ago, seeing how frustrated I got about not finishing anything at home, my husband suggested focusing on 1 project at a time.  Oh, I know this is obvious, and this is advice I’ve seen in various sites, but honestly, it’s easier said and done.  When you’re renovating your house you see so many things you want to do, and end up dipping your toes into too many ponds.  Some people are really amazing about juggling so many projects at home – and actually finishing them all, with matching checklists, before and after photos, big reveals and all.   Other people – like me, apparently – are not as good at it.   Since I kept wanting to tackle several big projects and mini projects together, I ended up feeling discouraged about not completing anything.  My purchases felt unintentional or premature, and my efforts felt half-hearted or half-baked.


Recently, our living room has been more boho than scandi in my attempts at scandiboho style.  The H wants the monochrome back, hehe

Well! That has to obviously change.   I’m going to allow myself to work on 4 projects at a time – major and minor ones.   (As in really minor projects, like cleaning out a closet).  We’re renovating the master suite and utility areas – 98% done with the former, and 70% through with the latter – but I’m not going to count each renovation as 1 project (because there are sub projects within each renovation area – no doubt, if you’ve renovated, you are well aware of this!).

So my 4 Projects right now are the following:

  • 1st Priority Projects for the master bedroom (described in detail here, with a quick view of the 1st Priority items here, and updates on the Weekly To-Do List in my sidebar)
  • Paper management (including re-organizing our manuals and warranties)
  • Keys organization
  • Linen organization

I’ve purged and organized relentlessly before, but I just started a better system for filing away our documents at home and I want to see it through.  New doors also mean new keys, hence, I’m back to key organization and storage.  As for the linen, that was something I’ve been doing before we even renovated and as with paper management, I just want to see it through.



And we’re back

We’re alive!  And it’s been almost 6 months since my last post.  Come to think of it, even towards the latter part of 2017 I was already woefully behind on the home makeover updates.  And now it’s April.  And sooooo much has changed.  Priorities have shifted, entire project plans thrown out the window, major renovations started – it’s a whole new ball game.  My entire Project Gallery, and all those checklists – right out the window.

And, no, we did not move. Ha.

We hired out the work.  More costs, sure, but the H got on board the renovation train and we haven’t looked back.  Embracing Montessori at home also played a part in it.  My ongoing quest to declutter and pare down our home was supplemented beautifully by the Montessori philosophy of an orderly, functional, and beautiful environment for the child.  I’m not saying our house is beautiful ha!  But hell ya, we’ve been curating and decluttering for years – although everything is messy again now because of the renovations.

When we first moved in 2 years ago, we expanded one of the bedrooms upstairs to build a master’s suite with a small ante room and a walk-in closet.  Now, we rebuilt that room – everything except the walk-in closet (and bathroom).  Literally tore down the 2-year old dry walls and built better ones (I realized afterwards that the work then was shoddy).  We fixed the electrical for the entire 2nd floor, replaced doorways – doors – door knobs and hinges – baseboards – mouldings – lighting – electrical outlets and switches – aaaaand we refinished the floors!  Still refinishing the floors, actually. Obviously, we repainted the walls too.  Also ripped out old closets and cabinets – more storage means more clutter, and I’ve seriously been purging our home (actually, homes) for the past few years.   Our cabinets were mostly empty – didn’t need them, so out they went.

One of my favorite bits was when we rebuilt the entire entrance to the ante room – it used to be a dry wall and a small doorway off to the side which opened up to our bedroom.  Tore that out and the too-shallow closets behind the dry walls, and built a large open doorway in the middle of the new dry wall, with slimmer (but deeper! And smarter!) closets on each side of the doorway, plus cupboards above the doorway for suitcases.  I’m keeping 1 closet for the boys’ clothes (I keep some upstairs; most of their clothes are in their shared bedroom downstairs), and another closet for my Montessori materials and maybe office supplies.   The overhead cupboards are for suitcases.

Speaking of the shared bedroom downstairs.  Gasp.  Big changes there too.  I mean, it’s still a work in progress and actually terrible looking right now – we ripped out the built in closets (too big, too bulky, blocked the passageway from the door) and that cabinet with the light by the door (too bulky, we don’t need it, blocked the passageway from the door).  Eventually, we’ll pull out the bathroom a bit too, reposition the bathroom door, and of course repaint the room and refinish the hardwood floors, as with upstairs.  But that’s down the line (most likely next year!).   I don’t want a built in closet anymore since it’s such an itty bitty space; I’ll have a free standing wardrobe made.  (An antique aparador would be nice, but the H is iffy about mumu and other silly things).   I’m even thinking smaller windows, because at one point in the afternoon we get the sun full blast in that bedroom; there’s no ventilation, so I don’t need windows that stretch across an entire wall.

The important thing is we had a window type A/C unit finally installed in the shared bedroom, so the kids have a place to hang out in downstairs aside from the lanai. (This left a gaping hole in the window where the A/C used to be upstairs.  So now we also needed to have that window repaired – welding and glass works, ack!).

I think it’s just as well that the rooms downstairs remained unfinished for most of last year.  Too many awkward parts that I struggled to work with (small narrow living room, no entry way, spiral staircase smack in the middle of the open plan layout, teeny dining area), because we’ll be tackling those as well – not any time soon, but the plans are there and I think we’ve finally hit on the perfect solutions for the dead spaces here in the house, based on how we actually use each area and the needs of the family – and where the sun is hottest!

For instance, the lanai – we will be moving our dining room there.  Yes, you heard me.  The kids’ playroom will have to be the shared bedroom downstairs.  Smaller, but it’s much cooler.  We just need a few tweaks for the lanai, like build a little low wall, trim the glass panes, remove the built ins I had Mang Ariel put it, new lighting or outlets.  Maybe someday we’ll reconfigure the kitchen and laundry room (I’ve always found the latter too big and, well, underutilized).   As for bedrooms? Extensions – I’m dreaming of building UP someday, and a new lanai off to the side of the house where the picnic table is because that’s where the breeze is.  (The existing lanai right now is not breezy at all, and just hot).   We also need screens.  No use having all these windows if we don’t open them because of lamok.

I’m rambling, I know, but it’s been so long and so much has happened and changed.   Right now, the ongoing projects are: rebuilding the master’s bedroom and ante room, and we’re constructing a new utility area out back.  Within the year, we need to tackle the two bathrooms, too.  That’s the major work we’ll be contracting out for this year – so far!  (If budget permits, maybe we can throw in the shared bedroom downstairs for this year’s renovations).

Still rambling!  Take heart!

Last, I just want to go through the to-do lists I’ve posted in this site’s sidebar and tabs.  They seem a bit funny to me now because of the changes at home, and the plans for future renovations.  Literally, room functions are going to be changing.

Here’s my “Weekly To-Do List” as 17 November 2017, before I take it down to make room for new lists, hehe, and with updates (in blue):


  • check availability of the white Thomson fan in SM Cubao – I did end up buying a Thomson fan, but never did get to go to SM Cubao.  I found the Thomson page on Facebook, got in touch with the sweetest girl who works there/owns the distributorship, and the H and I picked up the vintage-looking Thomson fan I’ve wanted so long.  We picked it up near Rockwell.  Much farther than SM Cubao, haha, but they told me the white ones were all out anyway, so we didn’t really have a choice.  I ended up getting the silver one, not white, and I have to say I love that fan to this day.
  • go to Kamuning to check for tela and inquire about seat covers for the couch – Another thing I procrastinated on, and now I’m so glad I did.  I actually did inquire at a stall in Kamuning one time, but never did go back with my foam to actually have the seatcovers done.  Just as well, too.  Looks like we’ll be putting the narra couch in the utility area, and since it’s a semi-outdoor space, I don’t plan to put seat covers on the sofa anymore.
  • bring couch foam for leather or leatherette cover estimate – this I still need to do.  Since I plan on moving the narra sofa to the utility area, I plan to have it covered in leather or leatherette so it’ll be more durable and will stand up to dirt and dust better (hopefully).  
  • organize cables in Command Center – I don’t know if it’s because the house is a mess right now because we’ve got boxes everywhere, but the cables haven’t bothered me for MONTHS.   Which is quite unlike me, haha.  This is simple, really, and even if I’m hoping to move the actual command center away someday (and fix the electrical for the ground floor), that’s still in the distant future, so I should probably get around to organizing the cables after all.
  • finish decluttering the remaining overhead cabinets in the kitchen – I finished this last November, and another down-the (long)-road we will redo the kitchen (tiles, layout, everything), but I did another big purge  last January, so I think content-wise those overhead cabinets are as clean as they are going to get.  I haven’t opened them in 2 months, come to think of it.  Which brings me back to my point – I really hate having too much cabinets.  I forget what’s in them and we hardly use the stuff that’s actually in there.

And since this has been a kilometric post already (WELCOME BACK!), I might as well update my Checklist category before I erase it, because that’s getting a major overhaul as well.   Here’s the entire house Checklist as of 13 November 2017, with the changes/updates in blue:


(original list here)


  1. declutter all cabinets and get rid of things we don’t use – 10.20.17 and 10.24.17 – see earlier ramblings.  I am not all about open shelving, mind, because I do think some closed cabinets are necessary.  But I still think we have too many.
  2. pack away my mother’s china and return – 10.20.17 and 10.24.17
  3. start using our own dinnerware – 10.20.27 – I need plain white plates.  Just sayin’
  4. repair broken drawers – this is actually still a necessity.  And I can’t hold this off until we build my dream kitchen, because some of the wire drawers keep getting stuck.  A little day-to-day annoyance – minor in light of real tragedies, but an annoyance nevertheless.  The challenge is I need a stop gap solution – something functional but not too expensive because we’ll end up redoing everything anyway when we renovate the kitchen.
  5. re-organize baby bottle station – 10.23.17 – I’ve finished this last year but now the damn baby bottles is a new mini project that suddenly imploded.  The babe needs new bottles – he’s outgrown those Dr. Brown bottles with the regulator and gazillion pieces.  No regulators – less things to wash, clean, sterilize, etc.  But I haven’t sat down to reassess everything (because I like to do that, FREAK, I know), so now we have a hodge podge of bottles.  The country rustic crate where we keep everything is holding up well but I want something more, well, plain because I’m over country rustic for the home.  (But not for the utility area – HA. LABO).
  6. re-organize vitamins and medicine – 10.19.17 – I need to go back to this.  Having a doctor for a father in law means we have a mini pharmacy always.  I need a medicine cabinet for the medicine we don’t use often, a nicer caddy for the daily vitamins, storage for the extra vitamins I keep on stock, a white or chalkboard for medicine dosages, etc. etc.


  1. new foam for the couch – 10.14.17 ordered; 10.23.17 picked up!
  2. inquire about leather or leatherette upholstery – This no longer belongs to the living room, yay.  See previous chatter about leather for the narra couch
  3. customized fabric sofa covers – free of this!  See above
  4. repair coffee table – 10.17.17 dropped off; 10.22.17 picked up!
  5. replace curtain rods (2) – I still haven’t done this for the living room.   But then again we plan to reconfigure the living room someday, which may involve some changes to the front windows where I originally needed new rods.  So I’m putting this on hold for now.  They don’t match the dining room rods (and it’s an open space) but this is one of those things that doesn’t bother me anymore right now.
  6. new, longer curtains (5) – 11.13.17 – I’m so happy this curtain saga is finally over.  
  7. new fan – drat, I still need to get this.  Technically, the Thomson fan is supposed to be for the dining area.  But until now I can’t figure out what kind of fan I want for the living room – ceiling? Stand? 


  1. re-organize white shelves – 10.13.17
  2. clear out mess under the stairs – 10.19.17
  3. new stand fan – the silver vintage-y looking Thomson.  I don’t think I want a ceiling fan over the dining table even if we move it to the lanai at one point.


  1. order black cabinet pulls – 10.19.17 found!
  2. install cabinet pulls I already bought the cabinet knobs (long, long ago), and it’s really a matter of installing them.   We still need to do this, because we will transfer the cabinet to the shared bedroom (while the latter is unfinished) for toy storage until we figure out what to do with said bedroom.
  3. paint cabinets Nope, not doing this.  As mentioned, we’ll move this temporarily in the shared bedroom, but eventually I’m getting rid of the entire thing.   
  4. remove or donate bed – 10.13.17 repaired
  5. repair fan – 10.16.17; 10.20.17; and 10.22.17 finally
  6. get a second fan – We got one.  But you know what, that lanai, without air conditioning, is still really really hot.  It sits right in the part of the house that gets ALL the morning sun, and all the rest of the sun light for the rest of the day.  I don’t even know how that’s possible.  Plus, the lanai is enclosed – it’s not a screened porch or an open area, so there is zero air there.  We don’t open the doors because lamok.  So it’s a boiler room in there, my poor darling kids.   We will move the dining room there, and get air conditioning some day, but it makes better sense for dining instead of actually lingering and hanging out and playing for the boys.
  7. tear out built-in shelves – Still a go.  Another case of too much unutilized storage.
  8. curtains or blinds? – 10.18.17 curtains (6)! Though I think curtains are not enough.  I think at one point we still need to put blinds.  Guys, trust me, mainit siya talaga, as in babad sa araw that room.
  9. replace curtain rods (2) – Still need to do this, even if we add blinds and convert it into the dining room.
  10. sort and donate the kids’ toys (again!) – 10.17.17


  1. re-organize cables – see above!
  2. re-label file folders – 10.09.17
  3. replenish supplies – Still a must.   Especially since it’s a mess downstairs, and Be my house girl doesn’t follow my labels and systems, haha, I need to replenish, and re-orient.


  1. sort and file last school year’s papers – 10.09.17
  2. re-organize supplies bin and drawers – 10.19.17
  3. re-label file folders – 10.09.17 – Somewhat related to our file folders, but the longer we live in this house, the more I realize we need a file box for the H and I downstairs, too.  I have a file box in the Command Center for storing paid bills, envelopes, and brochures and crap we get or bring home.  But for important papers – I notice the H especially has the habit of leaving work papers downstairs.  Plus we get work-related papers delivered, and they sit on the School Station, or Command Center, or dining table until we need them.   We need a mini filing system for us downstairs, too, not just for the kids.  (I say “mini” because the main ones and really important documents should be kept upstairs, lest we get an Ondoy problem again here).
  4. replenish supplies – As with the Command Center above.  Also in time for school.  Our School Station worked very well for us all throughout the school year.  But we may have to reposition it.  And make it prettier with mouldings or something.  And get it out of the way because it’s smack in the middle of the walk way from the front door.  Eeek.  The mistakes that I only realized I made after living with something for a while.
  5. empty out junk from Alo’s side – 10.19.17 – FYI, right now both sides of the School Station is filled with the kids’ clothes, because we tore out the built ins in the shared bedroom.  Eeek.  Plastic drawers – which we will be moving to the shared bedroom, too, until I get a proper wardrobe or aparador.

That’s that.  Haha.  And I say this without bitterness whatsoever – but I am glad no one reads this blog!  Where else can I document everything about the house, access the yakking from anywhere in the world, and write such kilometric posts without links, pop ups and even pictures to break up the text homygash.

It is good to be back!!!

LANAI-PLAYROOM: Costs for Blinds and Deciding on Curtains (Plus More Purging) 

We measured our lanai doors today and ran to Showcase Carpet to get a quote on roller blinds.  I measured the doorways for inside mount, with 2 panels per doorway.  For inside mount, both doorways measure 98″ width, 8.25″ length.  Each panel is thus 49″ width.  I was confident about an inside mount because my walls are 3.5″ thick. 

Grace from Showcase gave me quotations for 2 kinds of shades: 

  1. Block out: Php 6,700.00 for 2 panels, or 1 doorway. 
  2. Dim out: Php 5,500.00 for 2 panels, or 1 doorway. 

Since there are 2 doorways in the lanai, I need to get 4 blinds, for a total of 11k or 13,400.

I would have preferred just sunscreens out instead of block out shades, since it’s going to be for the lanai, not a bedroom – it’s basically a sun porch, hello.  But they weren’t offering white “dim out” (Showcase’s term) blinds, just this beige-y cream color that looked too office-y for me. I wanted them white so they’d blend with the walls.

I was this close to paying the downpayment for the block out shades.  Showcase seems to work fast, too; if I pay a downpayment before Saturday, they can install the blinds next Thursday. 

But I rushed over to Wilcon as well to check prices. I was hoping I could get something ready made. But the ready made selections are vastly limited in terns of size. For our measurements, we really had to go custom.  I got a quotation for three (3) different brands available in Wilcon.  The cheapest is Php 4,700 per panel. 

Clearly, Showcase is the better option, since for 5k ++ or 6k ++ I’ll be getting 2 sets of roller blinds, instead of 1.  But Showcase closes at 5pm, so I headed home.  I liked Showcase’s pricing and customer service so far, but I wasn’t feeling great about a complete black out in there and I wasn’t excited about the beige shades too.

I went home and finished cleaning and sorting the kids’ toys in the lanai.  I had taken advantage of their being at their grandparents’ house visiting (labor strike, no school again).  Otherwise, Alo will just end up unpacking all the toys I put in our donation boxes (like he did here). 

Well, I was so happy with how clean the lanai turned out that I felt inspired.  The hand-me-down curtains from my mother were dirty and didn’t suit the room at all.  So, on a whim, I measured and noticed that the lanai ceiling was lower than the adjacent dining area.  (The lanai was an add on).  So maybe I didn’t need to get the 96″ curtains I used for the dining room – this has been the reason why I first decided on blinds over curtains.  The cost! Getting curtains (proper long ones!) and the curtain rods combined would leave me spending at least 7k per doorway.

But since the lanai was apparentlty not as high ceiling as the dining room, I realized I may be able to get away with shorter, or regular length, curtains. I pulled out my too-short-for-the-dining room curtains and tried them out in the lanai:

Now try to imagine this room with matching white curtains all across the doorways, no bookcase in the corner, and a darker (reupholstered) loveseat, and an area rug, hehe

I LOVED it.  I was shocked.  Haha.  I need 4 panels per doorway (testing out how it looks with just 2 panels in that photo).  If I can get those same curtains for those doors, then it will come out cheaper than blinds.  Those curtains are from this brand, Pauline’s, available in Uratex, and they sell them per pair for around 300 or 400 something.  As opposed to my Arq Living curtains – sold per panel, ack, for more than double, even triple the price, depending on the design.

I am now so on board with doing curtains.  BUT! (There’s always a but).  I still intend to replace the chunky curtain rods with the same slim black rod I used in the dining room, and I want the new rods in the lanai to be placed higher too.   This means longer curtains – the ones in this photo are only around 87″ length.  Elbe and I measure above the current rods, and I figured I’ll survive with 91-93″ length for curtains.  And I somehow recall being at Uratex and having one of the sales clerks tell me their other set of those Pauline’s curtains measure 95″ length.

Except I’m not entirely sure if that was in Uratex because I’ve been canvassing a lot recently.  Argh.  Well, I am going to skedaddle there tomorrow.  If they have the length I need, then done and DONE.  Curtains it is.  (The H prefers curtains actually, and wasn’t really sold on blinds for the playroom).   

Good things come to those who clean

P.S.  That’s the fan I had repaired.   The 2nd repair person put the blades on backwards like the 1st repair person from West.  Inis!  Back to the shop.  I am so not getting Asahi anything anymore.  Anyhoo, it was supposed to go in the living room, but it works better for the lanai, because the kids like to play on the floor, so the bottom barrel is really useful.  It’s still a big improvement from this electric fan, isn’t it? #lifeinthetropics hay.  (I wonder if the white folk have to worry this much about electric fans in their homes?)

Keeping it Simple – and Problem Areas

2017-10-13 03.06.03 1-01.jpeg

Valiantly trying to KonMari at home

I may not have been working on the house (in terms of decor, repairs, renovations) but I have been cleaning and purging relentless the past months.   Caritas has picked up balikbayan boxes of our donations 3 times this year already, and I already have a 4th batch of donations for Caritas too (I haven’t called them yet for a pick-up schedule because I’m still adding to the bunch).

Like I shared here, I haven’t been actively working on the house the past few months.  As a result, little piles of clutter have started cropping up everywhere.   Oh, I still made an effort to put things away, but the clutter piled up in what I eventually realized are still my problem areas in the house – like that spot under the stairs!

2017-10-13 03.03.49 1-01.jpeg

Sigh.  What a mess.

I’ve actually briefed everyone (and relentlessly kept reminding them) that everything and anything unloaded from the cars go under the stairs.  As you can see, they have taken this to heart.  All the files are neatly corralled in that metal basket – at least!.  But then there’s the laptop bag, and the car seat, and Bo’s walking wings, and sundry other items – like empty pots!  Ugh.

I already have a very efficient drop zone and system for tackling all the mail and bills we get.  But now I realized I still need a better system for the STUFF we get and unload.  This spot under the stairs is that drop zone.   I don’t know what to do about bags right now, and that old car seat of Bo’s.  Somewhere behind the pile is our box of emergency goods, too, for prepper moments; I need to figure out what to do with them as well.  Plus, a spot for shoes by the door since right now they’re sitting on my bamboo stool.

Then there’s the issue of just having too much furniture:

2017-10-13 03.05.20 1-01.jpeg

My little native bench, as you can see, has turned into a shoe rack.  The boxes beside the school station are for the kitchenware I’ve been sorting and purging.

This Muji lounger used to sit in the lanai-playroom.  Then I tried it in the shared boys’ room.  Too crowded.  Pulled it out and stuffed it in the living room.  Too tight.  And now it’s just sitting there by the stairs.  Very awkward.  I should be getting rid of it – and it’s not very comfortable, mind! – but this was the first semi-expensive piece of furniture we’ve ever bought so I’m a little attached to it.  I know I should probably sell or donate it, but I just can’t do it yet.

Then there’s the issue with my living room.  This “progress” shot is long gone.  The help have quit trying to cover up our ugly couch with a sheet, so most days it looks like this:

2017-10-13 03.07.01 1-01.jpeg

Living room from hell

Horrible right?!  Notice the coffee table?  Stupid me got Mang Ariel to put this sort of vinyl-y cover to protect the surface.  It obviously peeled away and chipped.  (Nath of Dekko is going to be horrified).  I’ve since removed my lovely shaggy West Elm rug, because our former yaya kept encouraging the boys to eat and even SLEEP on the rug.  I also finally admitted to myself that it was too darn big for this teeny tiny space.  And my lovely  bench?  As you can see, it has become a glorified patungan ng electric fan.  OH GOSH.  That was the help’s doing and I really can’t blame them, because our old fan is broken and the kids actually like to sit there and we need a fan in that area.

As you can see, I still don’t have curtains, too, and that couch?  Oh that couch.  The awful red-striped ill-fitting fabric is not the upholstery; it’s what’s keeping the stuffings together.  And the foam has become awfully flat and lumpy at the same time.  I could have gotten new upholstery made, but noooo I waited years and years.  It’s actually a great couch – good hard narra wood, with a simple, classic frame.  But the foam has to go, and there’s a missing slat somewhere under the seat.

Basically, I’m back to square one on the living room.  Waaaaaah.

And DON’T get me started on the lanai-playroom.   We removed the single bed from upstairs since no one uses it and now it’s in the lanai too.  We had to get rid of the puzzle mat because the crib is right smack in the middle of the room because I still haven’t set up a more comfy sleeping/napping area for the littlest boys in the shared bedroom!  (Alo often takes his naps on our grubby couch, while Bo sleeps in the lanai).

Shoulda coulda woulda.

You can get a glimpse of the sorry state of the lanai from this photo:

The sliding doors, I know, are really too dark.  I have to do something about them – but that’s out of my budget right now.  I’ve inquired at a shop nearby, and it’s going to cost me around Php 25,000.00 to replace them.  I’m also on the fence about putting curtains or blinds over the sliding doors from the dining area side.

And there you have it.   I’ve done away with my overly detailed checklists for now and decided to keep it simple.  Tackle the most glaring issues.  Otherwise, I’ll never finish anything in this house.

This is my new to-do list (I’m also sharing it here, for quick reference), as of 13 October 2017:

Living Room

  1. new foam for the couch – 10.14.17 ordered
  2. customized sofa covers – 10.14.17 ordered
  3. repair coffee table – 10.17.17 dropped off
  4. replace curtain rods (2)
  5. new, longer curtains (6)
  6. new fan

Dining Room

  1. re-organize white shelves – 10.13.17
  2. clear out mess under the stairs
  3. new stand fan


  1. order black cabinet pulls
  2. remove or donate bed – 10.13.17
  3. paint cabinets
  4. install cabinet pulls
  5. tear out built-in shelves
  6. curtains or blinds? – 10.18.17 curtains (6)!
  7. replace curtain rods (2)
  8. sort and donate kids’ toys (again!) – 10.17.17

Command Center

  1. re-organize cables
  2. re-label file folders – 10.09.17
  3. replenish supplies

School Station

  1. sort and file last school year’s papers – 10.09.17
  2. re-organize supplies bin and drawers
  3. re-label file folders – 10.09.17
  4. replenish supplies
  5. empty out junk from Alo’s side

*Eventually: replace light switches and outlets, ceiling fan for the living room, get plants and pots, hang photos and prints

PROJECT CLEAN HOUSE – Part 1 Updates (Downstairs)

My first Project Clean House update – yay! I gave myself a deadline of until today, April 21, to tackle Part 1 of Project Clean House 2017 – that’s the command center, kitchen, school station, and dining area/under the stairs/living room/entry.  I started Part 1 on April 2, but I gave myself two weeks because I had to factor in our Holy Week holiday. As you can see, I haven’t finished even half of Part 1!

Command Center

  1. File this year’s billing statements, and take out last year’s calendar from our household binder 02 April 2017
  2. Print this year’s calendars and grocery lists, and have them photocopied 05 and 06 April 2017
  3. File away new calendars and grocery lists in their respective binders (punch holes and washi tape included). – 07 and 08 April 2017
  4. Get boxes for the china I’ll be returning to my mother. 06 April 2017
  5. Organize that overhead china cabinet (check supplies there, return the birthday dishes).08 April 2017
  6. Note down supplies needed for command center. 08 April 2017
  7. Switch back the black frames for the white ones (for the print).
  8. Print new copies of cleaning schedule, then laminate 1 copy and put 1 copy in a clipboard for the help. 11 April 2017 
  9. Discuss laundry schedule with help, and revise if needed. 11 April 2017 
  10. Orient the new help on the household binder, grocery lists, laundry and cleaning schedules.
  11. Check and re-organize keys.
  12. Find a spot for Papa’s mail.

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