SNEAK PEEK: More Progress on the Family Command Center 


It’s been quiet here all week because I’ve been so busy with work – and tackling the Family Command Center!  Been riding that high since we put up the white boards and key racks – the last hurdle for me was making the desk top look a little more pretty.

Well, moving the modem and router upstairs was a huge step!  Cut down the wires and cables by 80%!  I was wary about doing it because I might not be able to put everything back together, and the wifi in this house is excellent – I didn’t want to mess with a good thing!   Read numerous articles about router placement, haha.  I did it, and the wifi signal remained strong, so I proudly Vibered the fact to my daddy.

Changing all the office supplies to white, black and silver was a big help, too – even went so far as changing my letter opener to one in sterling silver.  It was the dickens to find a white tape dispenser and stapler – I had a white stapler from Muji in the School Station but wanted another brand, and I won’t tell you how many bookstores I scoured for another white tape dispenser.  Finally found the staple and tape dispenser (I love that fat design) are from Lexon available in Quirks Novelties and Curiosities.

I tried changing that wooden letter organizer I love because I felt it wasn’t going together with everything else, and I even bought a pretty Aranaz Tu pencil jar to replace that steel pencil holder from National Bookstore.  But after switching out all the other pieces (even getting plain white and brown envelopes), I now happily do not even want to change my humble pencil jar and lovely letter organizer anymore -I feel like this corner finally finally looks cohesive.


I didn’t have room in my C&C organizer for the puncher, and leaving the puncher out in the open wasn’t working; the Muji acrylic box added a little something extra and well, it just looks better doesn’t it?  Heehee. (I have my staple remover in with the puncher too).  The white file box and brown hanging folders are from Muji, too, and the mail pail (the first piece I got for this nook) is from My Domesticity.  And that’s my homemade household calendar.

I was also going to transfer one of my cacti to put on top of of my acrylic box, but spotted these handmade paper plants by Wallah in Common Room (the Katipunan branch).  I wanted something handmade there to make me smile while I write out our bills.  In addition to the paper plants, I have an origami crane mobile hanging, but I’ll save that shot for the big reveal, hehe.

The print is just the random picture freebie that came with the frame I got from SM Department Store years ago.  I checked Common Room and Heima for prints, but I couldn’t find something that fit what I needed.  (I want something really colorful for the space).  Just need to change out the light switches for cleaner white ones, and get cord wraps for the last 2 cables conveniently hidden behind my file box, put a hook for my crane mobile (it’s currently Magic taped into place) and add some double sided tape behind my mail pail, and I’ll be all set!