LIVING ROOM: We have curtains, people!

It only took a year and a half.  We lived with the “half” curtains and then naked rods for a loooong time.  But then village security reported some unsavory dudes lurking around our neighborhood – and our curtainless living room provided for a clear, unobstructed view of the house.  I got so paranoid, I ran out and (finally) got curtains.

They’re the same sheer “Chloe” curtains from Arq Living that we have for the dining room.  These are wider than the lanai curtains, are 96″ in length, and, I confirm, are Php 899.75 per panel.  Since the “Chloe” curtains are wide, I only needed 5 panels in total for our itty bitty living room.   (I discovered that I need additional panels for the lanai curtains, which are narrower).   
The grey fuzzy thing at the bottom of the photo is the wool blanket thrown over my couch – yes, I moved it again.  I’m enjoying the puddle effect of the curtains right now, so I pulled all the furniture away from the windows.  Amazing how it makes our simple space look so light and, dare I say it, dreamy.

I still plan to change the curtains rods – those are my mom’s wooden ones.  They’re so thick, the rings get caught, and we have a harder time pulling back the curtains.  Also have a lot of “feels” for my Vigan tiles right now (I love how the deep red warms up my otherwise sterile white and black home), so our area rug won’t be back anytime soon.


Sole Halloween Addition

In spite of my best laid plans for Halloween this year, I ended up cancelling my orders from Fun Nest and purchased this one thing for my Halloween collection:

My wooden spider puzzle is from Co/op Manila. The kindest sales clerk assembled it and spray painted it black for me as well.  Not only was it on sale, but I got a discount too because of a little damage on one of the legs – the same awesome sales clerk fixed it for me with Mighty Bond. 

The candle sticks are new, too, from H&M Home, but I plan to use them for other holidays, too, so I can’t say it’s strictly a Halloween addition for this year.

Halloween plans fell through because I got caught up in planning Bo’s baptism, adding to our Montessori materials at home, and purging the house.  Plus, we rented these awesome costumes for the 2 older boys.  Funny, last year, Halloween was the holiday I was obsessed with preparing for.  This year, I seem to have caught the Christmas decor fever.  Stay tuned!