MASTER BEDROOM: More Progress on the Checklists

It’s time to share our progress on our Master Bedroom Checklists especially since we’ve gotten our first priority items out of the way, hurray! And we’re well into the second priorities.

Where we are as of 03 July 2018, post-renovations:

  • Demolition (a.k.a. “where we started”)
    • tore down the dry walls and doorways to the master bedroom, between the sleeping area and catwalk, and the ante-room
    • removed the skinny old cornices, the balcony – entrance – walk-in closet doors and doorframes
    • ripped out all closets, cabinets, cupboards and shelves – left only the small wall mounted shelves in the ante-room
    • took down all the old rotting / broken doors of the entrance, balcony, and walk-in closet
  • Electrical
    • re-wired the 2nd floor, replaced old wires, color-coded some, put them all in protective pipes
    • replaced all electrical switch covers and outlets with matching ones from Panasonic; repositioned some, and added/removed others
  • Doors, Walls, and Ceiling
    • patched all the holes in the walls and ceiling; removed old cornices; added baseboards;
    • installed new ceiling for master bedroom
    • rebuilt the drywalls to the ante-room, between the sleeping area and catwalk, and by the entrance of the master bedroom; built a wide open doorway for the ante-room and moved the master bedroom door to across the bathroom
    • new door frames and doors for the entrance – balcony – walk-in closet – save for the walk-in closet door, we finally said good-bye to flush doors and went with hardwood ones from Wilcon, yay for small blessings. For the walk-in, we got smaller new double doors that look like a wardrobe, which I love because it somewhat feels Narnia-ish
    • got bearing hinges at last from Direct Hardware, such lovely quality; new hardware for all doors (knobs and dead bolts etc.) from Direct Hardware and Schlage (which are waterproof ones, for the balcony door); ordered and installed 2 black door handles (the Elton) for the walk-in door from Vintage Hardware
    • painted the entrance and balcony doors this dark black-ish blue slash dark grey color that I really love
    • painted the wall behind the bed grey; all other walls, ceilings, the walk-in door, cornices, baseboards, door frames, closets, shelves, and cabinets were painted white
  • Lighting
    • replaced the bulky rectangular light fixture in the ante-room which was just too big for that teeny room. Replaced it with one of our minimalist round Philips light fixture that I still love
    • finally got my dream Kartell Fly pendant light for the bedroom sleeping area;
    • got my cage pendant light fix by installing a black set from Wilcon (which I love just as much as my designer light)
    • installed five (5) minimalist spotlights from Philips – with dimmers on 3 settings, yay! (4 for the bedroom, and 1 for the ante-room)
  • Windows
    • threw out the hand-me-down, broken, old venetian blinds and invested in pristine white black-out roller blinds from Showcase (2 for the bedroom, 2 for the ante-room)
  • Storage and Organization
    • built storage closets in the ante-room customized to my exact measurements, with new clothing rods, magnets and piano hinges this time!
    • ordered and installed 2 door handles (the Elton) and 4 cabinet knobs (the Alice) for the ante-room closets and cabinets from Vintage hardware
    • put together my cleaning supplies: Muji broom, duster, carpet cleaner, mop box, desk broom with small dust pan
    • built corner shelves for essentials; organized corner shelves around these area – medicine storage (Muji basket and Quirks first aid box); writing materials (Wildwood pencil jar); battery storage (Tokyu Hands case); blanket organization (provisional basket); covered storage for baby blankets (Muji bin with lid)
  • Accoutrements
    • finally got the white Marshall speakers I’ve been crushing on – snapped them up soon as the whites ones finally became available here
    • ordered custom macrame trim for the balcony door from my favorite Makrama
    • got an intercom and driver’s buzzer
    • finally got to tackle one of my electric fan sagas – got a white Vornado floor fan for the ante-room

1st Priority

  1. Repair window where old A/C unit used to be
  2. Cleaning supplies – just need a mop, hooks, microfiber cloths, vacuum, and spray cleaner, and I’m good to go
  3. Stool or step stool

*From the uber efficient Muji cleaning system, I opted not to get the dust pan because I need mine to be flat on the ground, and with a pole so I don’t have to bend, ha!

2nd Priority

  1. Media console
  2. Storage for light bulbs
  3. White stand fan for bedroom

*After assessing Bo’s habits and our existing system, I realized we don’t need a trolley/cart for baby’s night time essentials anymore (babbled about that here)!

3rd and Last Priority

  1. Bedside table for me!
  2. Laptop desk and chair – send measurements for the desk to Old Wood; check chairs in Dexterton and Design Story
    • storage for my bible, binders, note pads
  3. Large white planter – check Qach
  4. Smaller plant stand – check West Elm
  5. Organize ledge
    • cable management – measured the ledge vis-a-vis the Ikea cable management boxes I’ve seen available locally. All too big! Measure again and send specs to Miguel
    • catch-alls and pencil jarold Aranaz Tiu pencil jar; everything else from Muji
    • coasters and tumblers – coasters from The Cork Project (available in Common Room) – we actually need more
  6. Hanging plants in both master bedroom and ante-room – check Qach
  7. Trimmings for corner shelves:
    • diffuser, with storage box for oil bottles – Serene House in Conrad
    • bin with cover for our baby blanketsMuji bin with lid
    • replace and organize cords for speakers and modem
    • get a large print and small clipboard for to-do listsmall clipboard from National
    • catch-all tray to corral diffuser and other trinkets
  8. Art work and other wall art
  9. Sell Muji armchair and get a new recliner for the H


Just another tiny update on the Weekly To-Do List in my sidebar. I got the hooks I wanted for our cleaning supplies:


Rustic mango-wood hooks

These are the H&M Home hooks I wanted – they disappeared from the U.P. Town branch where I usually go, but they’re still available in the Robinsons’ Magnolia branch. The smaller hooks are for the kids’ cleaning supplies. I still haven’t made up my mind where I want to hang them – the bigger set of hooks will definitely go somewhere in the master bedroom for my broom, etc., haha.

I’ve shared the roadblocks I’m currently dealing with for my master bedroom Checklist. So while I’m stuck with the master bedroom, I’ve been working one my other mini projects – recall, I promised the H I’d work on only 4 projects at a time. I updated it here – and one day, I’ll share our very simple linen storage!