Just another tiny update on the Weekly To-Do List in my sidebar. I got the hooks I wanted for our cleaning supplies:


Rustic mango-wood hooks

These are the H&M Home hooks I wanted – they disappeared from the U.P. Town branch where I usually go, but they’re still available in the Robinsons’ Magnolia branch. The smaller hooks are for the kids’ cleaning supplies. I still haven’t made up my mind where I want to hang them – the bigger set of hooks will definitely go somewhere in the master bedroom for my broom, etc., haha.

I’ve shared the roadblocks I’m currently dealing with for my master bedroom Checklist. So while I’m stuck with the master bedroom, I’ve been working one my other mini projects – recall, I promised the H I’d work on only 4 projects at a time. I updated it here – and one day, I’ll share our very simple linen storage!


MASTER BEDROOM: Hardware (and some Road Blocks!)

The first time I checked out Vintage Hardware Manila we went all the way to their office in old Makati.  And it was a trek, indeed, from our place.  This time around, for the hardware, I did everything online/via email and I could not be any happier with VHManila’s service!  So prompt, and efficient.  Any delay to actually getting and installing the hardware was all entirely on me – took me a while to pick out what I wanted, and to finally have them installed.  But the whole ordering and delivery process was just a breeze!


Elton for the closet doors (they’re actually door knobs), and Alice knobs for the overhead cabinets

Here they are, above, finally installed in the ante-room.  Part of delay was my waiting for the H to put them up, but he’s been so busy lately.  I finally got around to asking one of the carpenters who were still working at our utility area renovations to do it.  This is practice.  I want a similar look for our kitchen cabinets someday when we redo our kitchen.


Also had Mang Roland install the same Elton handles for the doors to the walk-in closet

I know they seem a bit bulky, but they have no sharp edges or corners so I don’t have to worry about little boys bumping into them.   In person, I love that they’re so substantial looking and the black plays off the clean whiteness of the doors/closets, so overall, I’m happy and ready to move on to the last few things we still need to finish up the master bedroom.

One major road block has been getting the window repaired.  It’s been raining hard a lot recently, and it’s gotten me antsy.  Our contractor keeps saying they have the materials, but no matter how many times I’ve followed up, they still haven’t tackled that window, for reasons unknown.  I’ve tried calling a third party contractor, but the one I found got back to me saying their welder hasn’t shown up.  I am back to square one.

Apart from getting the window repaired, I still have 2 more things in the 1st Priority portion of my master bedroom checklist – cleaning supplies, and stool or step stool.  Re: cleaning supplies, I’m also encountering some stumbling blocks – I’ve been to 3 Muji branches (and I believe there are now only 4 branches in the Philippines) – and the mop head is out of stock.  I’m still saving for my Dyson cordless vacuum, so I don’t think I’ll be able to check that off for a while.  As for the step stool, I have my eye set on an, er, rather expensive one, but I really need a step stool badly so I’m going to settle for a placeholder – something from Furniture Source; I intend to give it to Laz afterwards (once I get around to buying/building the display case for his gundam models).  I figured step stools, inexpensive or otherwise, I’ll always find a use for at home.

So that’s where I am right now, with the master bedroom checklist.  While I save for my vacuum/step stool/etc. and try to find a welder, I’m going to tackle some other mini projects at home – like finishing up my paper and linen organization, and completing other tasks for the utility room renovations.


More updates on our Master Bedroom – we are slowly but surely chipping away on our Checklist.  We skipped ahead to our second priorities because we ended up really needing a floor fan for the ante-room where the boys sleep.   They don’t get any air circulation there when I switch off the air-con, and we don’t open our windows at this part of the house, sadly.   So last weekend we finally got our white floor fan from the Vornado booth in Trinoma.


This is the Vornado 633

We actually had another model, but I gave it away because it was grey and white and, while I was happy with the performance, I finally admitted to myself that I really didn’t like the color scheme.  Should have gone with all white, though this model is the smaller one.  More than sufficient for that itty bitty ante-room though.

So that’s another electric fan checked off my list.  I have these electric fan sagas, I know!  Hee.


Found the perfect container in Tokyu Hands during our recent trip to Osaka.  Got it specifically for battery organization in mind, haha.

I also finally got around to organizing all the spare batteries I am always buying when I do our grocery shopping – after I buy them, they get lost in the clutter at home.  I got so sick and tired of hunting for our extra batteries – and we seem to go through batteries a lot, unfortunately.  For some appliances, remotes, even some of the boys’ toys.  There’s always some kid asking, “Mamu, where are the batteries?”.  I also found the packet of tiny screwdrivers we bought ages ago, and they now sit in a toolbox under my side of the bed.  


I store the battery case right behind our Wildwood pencil jar on one of the corner shelves in our bedroom.  Out of sight but still easily accessible.

I have to say, the above-mentioned corner shelves are the only storage system in our bedroom right now – save for the ledge behind our bed, and the ante-room closets do not count!  So I have to be really, really careful about what I put there – focusing on immediate, day to day items that not just I, but my whole family, needs or looks for or reaches out for.

I still don’t have a place for our extra toiletries – everything is jammed into our wardrobes in our walk-in, and it’s starting to become frustrating (this is also why I could not find our extra batteries before, hah!).   I’m thinking I’ll put the extra toiletries and other supplies in the media console once we get around to buying one.

Oh, and I’ve decided against getting a trolley/cart for the baby’s night time essentials because all we really need now is his milk, which I put on my bedside table in a little plastic container.  (We always keep 1 big bottle and 2 small ones, plus a milk powder dispenser, on hand.  Most nights he only finishes 2 bottles, but there are some nights when he goes through 3).  We don’t change his diapers at night anymore (yay for Drypers), and don’t use a burp cloth or anything else because we don’t get a lot of drool or spills either.  The only other thing I usually need to grab quickly are extra blankets, which I keep in a basket nearby.  I have extra clothes in one of the closets in the ante-room for emergencies (but nothing so far, praise God).

I also realized I need a stool or step stool in this room.  The very tall tolix bar stool I’ve been using is hard on my middle age knees (ang hirap umakyat!).  I’ve been using a cracked plastic stool I borrowed from the helpers.  I need something I can (easily) climb on to water my plants and for my dusting!  So, at this point, the trolley/cart has become unnecessary, and a step stool or stool has become a priority – making the corresponding revisions to my Checklist!

MASTER BEDROOM: Looking up my cleaning essentials

We’re back from a lovely, lovely family trip to Osaka. We went with my eldest son’s friends’ families and had such a great time. I was able to think about the cleaning essentials I need, and actually, while on the plane, hehe. When we flew back home, I knew I would end up getting something from Muji because it was important for me that my tools are not only functional but also pretty, and preferably white.


The Muji cleaning system (the mop head was out of stock in the Shang branch)

I also knew I wanted to use Muji’s cleaning system because it’s so smart and simple – one rod for all the brushes. My only issue is the dust pan, as it does not sit flat on the floor. I would need to look for another kind – except I can’t seem to find anything else that is as neat and streamlined as the one Muji makes.

This is a little too detailed for cleaning supplies, but I’m trying to make sure every single thing in our home has a purpose and every choice is intentional, and this is for my own reference in this little read corner of cyber space, so here goes:

  1. broom – for obvious reasons. I want a brush broom because the walis tambo I get always shed. I seem to be sweeping our bedroom several times a day because the 3 boys hang out there all day.
  2. dust pan
  3. desk broom and dust pan – for our shelves, window ledges, table tops
  4. mops – Muji has 2 kinds. I actually want to get one just for Bo, because he spills when we water plants, and he tries to wipe it away with toilet paper. His own mop would be great. (Muji has a short pole, and a telescopic pole, all available locally, thank goodness)
  5. duster – for pendant lights, cornices, and higher shelves
  6. natural bristle brush – for higher shelves and corners
  7. micro fiber cloths – I cannot find one that is not some garish color. The hardware stores only seem to carry blue and yellow, and the occasional grey (which is sold with one very bright yellow, ugh).
  8. all-purpose cleaning spray – I’ve always used, and still love, the one from Messy Bessy
  9. vacuum cleaner – Dyson is the gold standard. I want something I can attach to the wall, and without bags or cords, because I want it stored out of the way, but still easy to grab. So Dyson it is. (Our vacuum now, I get so lazy about using it because too many attachments, it’s big and bulky, I have to empty out the bag, etc etc).

As for storage, for now I’m going to hang them from hooks on the wall behind our dressing room door. Just simple wooden hooks from either H&M Home or True Home in Magnolia, with twine strung through the tools for hanging.

MASTER BEDROOM: Checklist Updates

I’ve had to make some adjustments to my original 3-part checklist for our Master Bedroom, because renovations for our utility area will be put on hold as both we and our contractor will be going on trips – the Intercom for the master bedroom is linked to the utility area, and since the latter won’t be finished soon, installing the Intercom has likewise been bumped down on my lists of priorities.


The boys making do with our makeshift media console and now too tiny tv

The shades are up though! – and I couldn’t be happier and more pleased with both the quality and the service provided by Showcase.   That’s a big item off my 1st Priority List for the master bedroom – the other one being repairing the window.  I’ve actually found another glass/iron shop, and I’m waiting for them to come over and inspect our window so I can get a quote.  Instead of waiting for my contractor to do the work themselves (as an add-on), I figured I’d try an independent third party because we really really need to have that window fixed before the rainy season comes.



Another adjustment to our master bedroom checklist is that we did, in fact, move the boys’ double bed to the ante-room.  This means no more Montessori playroom.  We are, however, very happy with this new arrangement!  The ante-room is tiny and is now 80% bed, but the boys still have space to play – the doorway, for one, is big and wide.  We aren’t quite ready to quit co-sleeping, but with this set up we at least have some breathing space from each other (since we’re together 24/7 this summer).

Anyway, there’s no room for an actual bedside table in there, but we put Alo’s lovely work table beside the bed, and that worked out beautifully – both Laz and Alo both use the table during the day, and Laz places his book and glasses there come bedtime.  There’s really no space for anything else in that room.

I’ve also pushed back my desk on the priority list, because I am liking the furniture arrangement in our room right now (not crowded!), and I don’t mind working from a tray on the table.  My hours are not as long as they used to be, there’s less volume of work I mean, so it hasn’t been as hard on my back.

And while I recognize we need the cleaning supplies (for quick clean ups for the bedroom, since everyone is here all day, every day), I’m now not as sure about where to store them.  Originally, I figured I’d put them in the closet room behind the door – but I didn’t include the closet room as part of the master bedroom because we didn’t renovate the former.  So, technically, the cleaning supplies shouldn’t be in the master bedroom checklist or weekly to-do-list – but I’m OC and I need them.  The Type A side would just have to accept that storage for these supplies will have to be temporary (or place holders, I think, is what them decor bloggers like to call it?).


Where we are as of 18 May 2018, post-renovations:

  • Built a new doorway to the ante-room, with new cabinets flanking both sides of the open doorway
  • Ripped out all previous built-in cabinets, cupboards, and closets in both the bedroom and ante-room (save for the small wall mounted bookshelves in the ante-room)
  • Rebuilt the wall that divides the room from the bathroom and closet room, added a ledge that spans the length of the entire wall, and painted that wall and ledge grey
  • Replaced our cornices and added baseboards
  • Patched holes on the walls and ceilings
  • Rebuilt the doorway to the closet room and replaced the old door with double doors intended to look like wardrobe doors
  • Moved the entrance doorway to the bedroom so that it’s now across the bathroom door, and rebuilt the old dry wall separating the bedroom from the upstairs landing
  • Painted all the rest of the walls, ceilings, cornices, baseboards, ante-room cabinets, ante-room existing shelves, closet room doors white
  • Bought new doors and doorways for the bedroom and balcony, rebuilt the balcony entrance, and painted both doors a lovely dark color (it looks black or a deep navy depending on the light)
  • New hardware for the bedroom and balcony doors – weatherproof ones, finally, for the balcony (I would have preferred matching hardware, but the ones we got for the bedroom door can’t be used for outdoors)
  • Installed new spotlights – finally with dimmers! – for the bedroom (4) and the ante-room
  • Replaced all electrical outlets and light switches – repositioned some, added/removed others
  • Moved one of our minimalist Philips light fixtures (a design we still love) to the ante-room (we used another Philips fixture that was too big for the space, and too hot)
  • Got my dream Kartell Fly pendant light for the bedroom, and finally got my black caged pendant light fix for the catwalk (from Wilcon!)
  • Also finally got white speakers!  I’ve been crushing, since over a year ago I think,on white Marshall speakers since I saw them online, but the white ones weren’t available here until recently.
  • Installed white black-out blinds for the master bedroom (2) and ante-room (2)
  • Organized corner shelves with a focus on these three (3) areas: medicine storage (Muji basket and Quirks first aid box); writing materials (Wildwood pencil jar); and catch-all (Muji basket)

1st Priority

  1. Repair window where old A/C unit used to be
  2. Cleaning supplies

2nd Priority

  1. Trolley/cart for baby’s night time essentials
  2. Media console
  3. Storage for light bulbs and batteries
  4. Intercom
  5. White standing fan for bedroom
  6. White floor fan for ante-room

3rd and Last Priority

  1. Laptop desk and chair
    • storage for my bible, binders, note pads
  2. Large white planter
  3. Smaller plant stand
  4. Organize ledge
    • cable management
    • catch-alls and pencil jar
    • coasters and tumblers coasters from The Cork Project (available in Common Room) – we actually need more;
    • decor!
  5. Hanging plants in both master bedroom and ante-room
  6. Trimmings for corner shelves:
    • diffuser, with storage for oil bottles
    • decor!
  7. Art work and other wall art
  8. Sell Muji armchair and get a new recliner for the H