HAULS: Kids’ Loot – Part 1

For the most part, I’ve been doing all right with prioritizing the bare essential items on my list – at least, for major purchases for the home. My 1 big downfall however is that I can’t resist kid decor! Even more so when it’s handcrafted children’s room decor! 

Like this pom pom basket from The Nifty Decorator. I got pillow shams too and these neat banners: 

I had the “Wild Thing” banner custom made by Angelica. It’s for Alo, hehe. 

I love this digital print from Walloh Designs so much I asked her to make a custom one for me too. It looks so great on my white walls. 

Playmats from Littlest Setter. Took a looong time to get them but they are so well made.

And Design Letters Kids tableware that I ordered from Dre and Art. They’re not decor, obviously, but I LOVE Design Letters. 


LAZ THE KATIPUNERO: Filipiniana costume from Marikina Market

filipiniana day1

My little Katipunero, all set for Filipiniana Day |  31 July 2016

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Laz’s 1st grade class (whom we met last year) is really one of our BIGGEST blessings.  I don’t recall having a Filipiniana Day when Laz was in Grade 1, but his school had one scheduled this year (for last Monday, to be exact).  And thanks to my 1-Magala(ng) family, I knew exactly where to get Laz’s Katipunero costume – Beth not only told us where to go (Marikina Market) but she also told us how much each item costs (for haggling purposes!).  Beth even bought costumes for the other boys, and offered to get one for Laz too when she went back there over the weekend.

But Marikina Market is near our place and I was curious to see what was available.  So last Sunday, I trooped to the market with Laz and Alo (and MJ and Mang Manny). The costumes are in a building off the wet market part, 2 stories high. They have all sorts of Filipiniana costumes – even boy scouts uniforms – and true enough, everything was dirt cheap.  Laz’s complete outfit, including the hat?  Php 235 only!  Hurray!

filipiniana day2

My silly boy wanted a bolo to go with his costume, the engotsky

We went home with another hat for Alo too – he grabbed one – so I went home spending just Php 255 for everything.  Grabe.  Nagulat ako sa mura.

P.S. Notice my lotus umbrella stand in action??  I just had to include it in the picture, I love it so.

UPDATES: 2016 Kids’ Yearly To-Do List

June is over!  We’ve conquered half of the year, so it’s time to provide a mid-year update on the 2016 Yearly To-Do List with the Kids (re-visit the full list here).  So far, we’ve done the following:

#1   hit the beach at least once a year – Done!  We went to Punta Fuego in Batangas with 1-Magala(ng) (30 March 2016; more here).

#6   staycation in ManilaEdsa Shang with Amanda, care of Lolo and Lola (15-17 April 2016; more here); Azumi for my birthday, care of Lolo and Lola again (24-25 June 2016; more here); Edsa Shang again, with 1-Magala(ng) (06-07 August 2016; more here)

#7   try something newGo-karting in Eastwood (12 March 2016; more here), laser tag for Laz for Santi and Yanni’s birthdays (25 April 2016), bowling for Laz and fishing for Alo in Tagaytay Highlands (29 May 2016; more here)

#8   take a class or have lessons in the summerswimming lessons for Laz (March-June 2016; more here), and play group for Alo (May 2016; more here)

Only 5 items out of 12 (from a list of 20 activities) checked off!  Eeek, time to buck up.  (And ideally, we should be doing something from the list every month!  As it is, most of the activities were packed into one summer!!!)




Day 2 of our weekend getaway!  |  25 June 2016 

The kids and I made the most of our 2nd (and last!) day in Azumi.  Amanda and I tried the breakfast buffet in Romulo’s, then it was off to swim for the whole morning again with the kiddos.  We opted for late check out, and while the kids napped, I nipped down for a mani-pedi at Nail Spa.  (It’s my favorite nail salon; I was overjoyed to find a branch right there in Azumi).  Then it was off to ATC for a late lunch, dessert, and to meet up with Patricia.


An incredibly yummy waffle-donut from Milkbox in ATC


There’s Laz floating on his back.  I’m still constantly amazed at how good he’s gotten at swimming, and how confident he is now in the water!

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2 little boys in a charming little boutique hotel  |  24 June 2016 (in Azumi)

My parents (the sweetest ever) made sure I’d get to celebrate my birthday even if they’re still out of the country themselves.  They left money with my sister so she and I and my boys could go on staycation – we picked Azumi Boutique Hotel in Alabang because I saw pictures of their rooftop pool!  And since Alabang is soooo far from where we live, going there always feels like we’re going out of town, hahaha.

We waited for Laz to get home from school and, with the distance and traffic and all, got to check in at 4:30 p.m.  (My sister brought me a birthday cake – thank you, dear sister!)

Azumi is a delight! It’s a charming hotel – there’s a Romulo’s Cafe and a Nail Spa downstairs, and the decors for both places blended seamlessly with the cute hotel lobby (you can access both the restaurant and the nail salon from the lobby).



Laz and I enjoying the view at dusk | Photo by Amanda

The room itself was modern but small.  Limited toiletries, but the goodies in the room bar were all convenience store prices!  No hot water in our room, would you believe (in spite of the really nice shower), so that’s another con.  Overall though, I’d go back because the place is pretty, the location is fantastic (you can walk to Molito and even to ATC if  you want to), the service was excellent, and the pool really was the draw for the kids and I.   The hotel is right off the entrance of the Madrigal Business Park in a pretty street lined with fire trees.

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