HALLOWEEN 2016: Minimalist Halloween Decor


Plain black and black cats pillows from H&M Home; orange bat-print pillow, a gift from my Ate Irene

My Halloween “journey” started with pillow cases.  When I moved into this house and was brainstorming about seasonal decorations, I promised myself I’d limit it to changing up my throw pillows and photos/prints, with a very restrained number of table top decors lying around.  I spotted the black cats pillow cover at H&M Home, and used that as the starting point for the rest of our Halloween decorations this year.  It took me forever to find an orange pillow cover – thank goodness my Ate Irene saw my post in IG and promptly sent over this awesome ORANGE cover with bats and a bunch of other Halloween stuff her kids have outgrown.  (THANK YOU!)


LaPomme plush pumpkin; H&M Home wooden platter; Dekko coffee table

I wanted to stick with minimalism as much as possible this year, sure, but I also wanted some handmade and DIY elements.  The LaPomme pumpkins I got are all handmade – I thought I’d be able to fit all 3 plush pumpkins on my coffee table but each pumpkin was almost as big as a basketball.  Love them to bits though (my LaPomme store review here).


Our green witch is made of out yarn and a paper plate – Laz made it when he was in kindergarten; I just backed it on kartolina and put it in a frame.  The rustic brooms are handmade too – I bought them at a roadside stall when we took the back routes across Rizal to get to Laguna.  (I just wrapped the ends with black washi tape because the rubber was marking my wall, and I added a strip of  various orange washi for each broom too).


DIY “EEK” sign.  I used kartolina for the letters.  Since I couldn’t find stencils, I traced cardboard letters I bought from Tie Me Up Buttercup (I got the entire alphabet) – I think they sell them to make into buntings.  The H made the spider out of black felt paper and googly eyes I got in National Book Store.  The frame is from NBS too.


DIY “TRICK OR TREAT” print using black felt paper and foam letters, again from NBS.  The spider is from Ate Irene.  I prefer using felt paper because it’s matte, and a little less shiny behind the glass.

And I’ve shared the stuff I got from Pottery Barn Kids (I didn’t use all of them though):


Our spider chair covers (eeek, need 1 more of these for Bo for next year – I got the last 2 in stock in PB Kids Estancia!)

The priorities this year were pillow cases and Halloween-themed dinnerware for the kiddos.  Next year, I’m going to focus on buying prints and a centerpiece for the dining table.  (I also have a lovely little owl print from Common Room that I didn’t get to display this year).   Didn’t get around to buying those terra cotta pumpkin pots from the plant store along White Plains Avenue either!  It’d be nice to have a Halloween crafting project every year with the kids too (Laz helped with our DIY prints this year).

And as for costumes?  Laz didn’t want to go trick-or-treating for the longest time – but changed his mind last minute, ack!   The Lulipops got costumes for him (Grim Reaper) and Alo (Race Car Driver), thank goodness for grannies.


DINING ROOM: “Opening Up” the Windows


Remember my dining area windows?  Well, the beams and window grills have all been painted white.  Base boards, too, even though you can’t see it in this photo.  As you can see, Mang Ariel has attached my black iron curtain rod, and patched up the holes left from the brackets of the old wooden rods.  I had Mang Ariel follow the height and width guidelines for hanging curtains that I shared in this post too.  Conclusion: I LOVE how clean and airy it now looks!  As in love love LOVE.

Next up: curtains, of course!

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HAULS: Halloween


Halloween haul from Pottery Barn Kids – everything was 50%, and I shopped end of September, would you believe!

I shared in this post how I wanted to keep our Halloween decors at home as simple as possible.  Aside from the occasional item in toy stores, I only intend to buy my Halloween decor from 4 stores (maybe 5, if The Gorgeous Mess comes out with those apothecary little bottles again): Pottery Barn Kids, La Pomme (as seen below), Co/op, and Quirks.  THAT’S IT, I swear.  (At least for now).  I also really love the process of buying – and making! – a few Halloween decorations each year, and building our (small!) collection as the years go by.


My LaPomme handmade plush pumpkins (as I shared here) – and Alonzo hehe

Dining Area Windows and To-Do List

I was obsessing about 2 things right before I gave birth (that’s a separate post altogether – my beautiful Bo has lit up my life in ways I never imagined!): throw pillows and window treatments.

This was how my dining area windows used to look:



I like to take a lot of “Before” photos because I can review the photos relentlessly and figure out what’s off.  In this case, I think it’s the windows/curtains.  Based on 2 articles I read (links below), the rod should hang 4-6 inches above the window, and it should be 8-12 inches wider than the window. Yikes. With the ceiling beam you see on the left, I don’t think we have space for 8 inches on either side.

The rod is also starting to sag in the middle, and the curtains I believe are too short.  (My mom’s old curtains; they used shorter ones because, when they used to live here, their dining table was pushed against the window).  But I do need to work on my windows – the dining area is small and, even though I am no decorating pro, my gut tells me those windows will really help in opening up the space.  I also think the black window frames and the ceiling beam and grey strip by the floor (ack I keep forgetting what it’s called) delineate the room and breaks it up, making the proportions look even smaller.

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Holiday Decor Loot from LaPomme


Handmade haul from LaPomme (and a giggling photobomber)

It’s been a week of deliveries!  Today, my order from LaPomme arrived – YAY!  I’ve been slowly prepping for Halloween and Christmas (and Laz’s birthday!), and I knew I wanted to keep my holiday decors simple and, when I can get away with it, preferably handmade!


I love that the delivery came with free drawstring pouches where I can store my decorations

I simply emailed Apol from LaPomme, with a request for a quote and photos of what I’ve seen of her stuff and which I wanted.  Apol then sent me back a quotation, and I paid 50% deposit.  I paid the remaining balance and shipping fees when Apol emailed to tell me that my orders were ready, and Apol sent over the shipment.  I ordered 10 hand-sewn items, and Apol had them ready in a little less than a month!  Awesome.  Apol responded promptly to everything, and my entire transaction with LaPomme went very smoothly.  The products are also extremely well made – not a stitch out of place.  I almost can’t believe everything is still handmade by Apol.  I highly recommend LaPomme!

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