MEAL PLANNING: Grocery List templates


Handmade grocery list templates

I finally got around to making our templates for grocery shopping.  I’ve been meaning to make a project out of this for years.  I wanted a printed checklist because we have a pretty limited menu at home, and have staples that we buy every time I go grocery shopping.  Every 2 weeks, we (the yaya and I) end up writing and re-writing basically the same list.  And it’s always on little slips of paper that I keep losing or misplacing.   I tried doing a grocery notebook before – just a blank notebook where I write down the items we need to buy in the supermarket.  But I soon grow weary of writing down almost identical items every fortnight.


Back part of my Grocery List template

I sat down and typed down our staples, separated by categories, like Cleaning & Laundry, Breakfast Food, Drinks, Toiletries, Kids & Baby Needs.  Since I didn’t want to spend a single centavo on this project, I decided to use a Muji binder I already have because it was small (size A5).  And since I am such a noob with formatting stuff in the computer, I printed everything, and manually measured and cut my letter size paper to size A5.  Plus, instead of printing the lists back to back, I actually printed them on separate sheets, did some more measuring and cutting, and glued them together.

I admire those moms who can design templates and share their printables online, but I just don’t know how to do that!  (And even if I did, I would have to have it professionally printed, which I didn’t want to do since I didn’t want to spend anything.) Hence, my humble lists are all entirely handmade (except for the printed lists themselves) with materials I already have on hand.  It’s more labor-intensive, for sure, and can I just say it took me 2 days!!!  A lot of measuring involved, too, plus I cut and put the washi tapes, hand-printed the dates, and drew the lines with colored pencils!   Phew!  I KNOW, it was quite a lot of work.  But I enjoyed every minute of it.  TEEHEE.


Entire front page sample, on size A5.  (It looks bigger in the photos, but it’s actually quite small).

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Hew year, new wing! | 06 June 2016

New year, new wing! | 06 June 2016

We’re a month into 2nd Grade.  I still can’t believe my eldest baby is in second grade!!!  We visited his new classroom before school started last summer so Laz would know where to go.  We used his old school stroller since it was in great condition (thank God, too, less gastos), and are still due to replace his old lunchbox and drinking flask.  He got new black shoes and new pants.  (He still fits into his polos).  I got the pants made in Topper’s along Katipunan.  I’m happy with how they turned out because the pants the school sells runs too wide in the leg, ugh.  His old sneakers still fit, too, barely, and we’re due for new sneakers for P.E. as well.

Laz started 1st Grade very nervous, and he was pretty anxious and stressed the first two months or so, adjusting to a big school and all.  He kept worrying about his teachers, that they were too strict, there were so many rules, etc.  His teacher at the time reported that he finally seemed to relax and enjoy being with his friends come 2nd Quarter.

This year, though, Laz started Grade 2 filled with confidence.  They were no longer the runts of the school, and he had 4 other classmates from his old section.  He still sees his old classmates in the hallways (and on weekends sometimes too), and has made new friends.  He also doesn’t get too stressed about his homework anymore, although he is still a stickler about coming to school early. Plus, we’re still dealing with the picky eating!  Such a challenge especially since he packs food for recess and lunch now (we didn’t bother with the meal card; I saw the menu, Laz doesn’t eat a single dish there).

We also have a new co-parent group over at Viber, and while this section’s co-parents aren’t as tight (yet) as our 1-Magala(ng) family, I’m happy to report that, so far, our 2nd Grade co-parents seem to be an equally nice and very helpful group.  2nd Grade is off to a good start!

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MASTER’S BEDROOM: Wire Basket Fail (and Some Updates)


During the start of the month I was able to work on the bookshelves in the Master’s Bedroom. Just a few pieces and updates here and there.  Nothing really major because, like I said before, I really needed to focus on other areas at home.  My 2 main goals for the bookshelves were to find containers to hide the cables and to install locks for my supply cabinet.  And since they broke down, I apparently need to get new speakers for the TV too.  Since this corner is the first project I’ve undertaken in this new house, I figured I’d provide a little update:

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HAULS: Office Supplies from Muji and National

Remember my giddy posts from last week (here and here)?  I just want to share the rest of my hauls from Robinson’s Magnolia especially because these goodies from Muji and National Bookstore all helped to (almost) complete our School Station, yay!


I can browse in a bookstore for hours on end.  It’s my happy place!   Muji, National Bookstore, Office Warehouse, Fully Booked, etc., suki ako sa lahat.  I almost died the first time I went to a Kinokinuya.  I get dazed in art supply stores, too, and my love for notebooks and paper remains steadfast.

The sundry items I got from Muji are mostly for our School Station and Family Command Center.  I had to get stuff from National Bookstore too (Muji doesn’t carry paper clips?!).  I really need a label maker now!

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Day 2 of our weekend getaway!  |  25 June 2016 

The kids and I made the most of our 2nd (and last!) day in Azumi.  Amanda and I tried the breakfast buffet in Romulo’s, then it was off to swim for the whole morning again with the kiddos.  We opted for late check out, and while the kids napped, I nipped down for a mani-pedi at Nail Spa.  (It’s my favorite nail salon; I was overjoyed to find a branch right there in Azumi).  Then it was off to ATC for a late lunch, dessert, and to meet up with Patricia.


An incredibly yummy waffle-donut from Milkbox in ATC


There’s Laz floating on his back.  I’m still constantly amazed at how good he’s gotten at swimming, and how confident he is now in the water!

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