Upcycled Book Crate

Since I learned how to stain wood last year I’ve kind of been obsessed. I used a plain crate from Cut the Scrap (I love their crates; still the best quality in my opinion), then sanded, stained, sealed, and added casters. Here’s the final product:

I added the book plate with wood glue. Bought the plate and letters from Papemelroti. They can stick the letters for you, actually, but I prefer to do it myself. I got both the plate and letters last year but only recently got to use them!

Here’s a before shot of the crate:

As you can see, the crate is nice on its own, but I just wanted a darker finish to go with the rustic vibe I was after for our lanai-playroom. Oh, and adding casters for a newbie like me was the hardest thing, hahaha. I don’t think I’ll be tackling casters for a while for my next DIY projects!

For these crates, I always save up thick discarded bits of carton from delivery packages or balikbayan boxes, slap them together with wood glue and masking tape, and cover them with old posters (because it’s thicker) to line the bottoms. Keeps the kids’ small toys and what not from falling through the slats.

This ONE crate took me over a week to finish, FYI, hahahahaha, because I really wait for the drying time between stains and varnish coats. Now it’s a sturdy little thing, and I am just happy to contribute something I DIYed for the kids’ playroom. The best part is, I didn’t have to buy anything for this project – except for the casters! All the other materials, even the crate, I already had. The End. 😄


SNEAK PEEK: Manila Maker custom bunk bed

Sneak PeekS actually as I will be sharing several photos.  (I’ll share a full shot of the bed once I get the mattress and beddings in order!). Edsel of Manila Maker delivered our custom bunk bed today, but before they arrived, he sent me this photo: 

And here are all the bits and pieces when the bed arrived at home: 

Edsel and his carpenter assembled the bed. I love love love how clean it looks – and in that white and wood Scandi style I wanted! (Thank you, Edsel!! The bed is so worth the wait!).   And the bottom bunk is nice and big, just as we requested. Here’s another teaser: 

The bed looks great with the dark wall. I may repaint it to white again at one point, but for now I am liking the dramatic contrast of the wall with the bed. And now to measure and get a double mattress for the bottom bunk, and to go back for the beddings I earmarked! 

LIVING ROOM: Makrama Wall Hanging

I swore up and down I wouldn’t buy decorative pieces for the house until I complete all the bare essentials but when I saw the macrame walk hangings of Makrama, I just caved. I fell so hard! I got in touch with Kim from Makrama and she happily accepted a custom order (Kim is AWESOME #kimforlife). I specified two things only and left the design entirely up to Kim: I wanted it to be BIG and I wanted rainbow colors.

Aaaaand THIS is what Kim made for me:

Isn’t it beautiful? The colors are much softer and more pastel-y and prettier in person. The size for my macrame wall hanging is 20 inches. Kim is so easy to work with and is just the sweetest. My order only took a little over a week and Kim constantly sends me updates – in progress photos, and text messages. Aside from the custom piece, I ordered a teeny tiny Makrama wall hanging for the shared boys’ room (you can see ready made designs at Makrama’s IG page and over at Hop Bop Shop).

I already have a hook in my living room, just waiting for a woven or macrame wall hanging. (For Christmas, I intend to hang our advent calendar there). I love that we’re the only one with that design (so far, hehe), and I love that it’s entirely handmade. I love Kim and Makrama, period.

Here it is now in my living room. That’s the handcrafted baby play gym that Nath of Dekko so very kindly made for me (and which I shall share in another post). And that diffuser is from Dapitan. The side table is Ikea from Furniture Source Phils. and the “souk” rug is from West Elm. The links on the play gym is from Mothercare. Aside from the last 3 items mentioned, everything else is proudly locally made.

Filipino furniture makers, artisans and crafters have been making a lot of exciting products. As much as I love the Scandinavian style and certain Western brands, I do equally love (slowly) filling our home with locally made or source products.  I think of it as art (especially those handmade items) and I am so so proud of what Pinoy artists, artisans, makers, and crafters have to offer.


SHARED BOYS’ ROOM: The Bunk Bed is Coming!!! 

Eek! Edsel from Manila Maker sent me these photos of the bunk bed I ordered for the downstairs bedroom:

And then a couple of days after, he sent me this:

EEEK! White and wood, and clean clean clean – just as I requested.  It’s due to be finished – and delivered! – this coming week! i.! Now I have to scramble and get a mattress and sheets!! I held off buying beddings because the bed was taking a while to be finished so I figured what’s the rush. Oooh but now the arrival is imminent!! EEEEEE!! I am off to get the beddings first, then the mattress! Because beddings are pretty standard in size but the mattress I can have Uratex cut exactly to the size of the bed.
(I also found other pieces for our home that I’ve been looking for since last year. And I’m talking about The Ones, the pieces I fell hard for and fit every OC requirement. I shall share soon!).

DINING ROOM: Finally – (LONG!) Curtains!

I wanted to call this entry “Curtains At Last” but I’m going to end up with so many “At Last!!!” posts in this blog, so I figured I’d paraphrase.

Anyway, it always seems like an eternity before I finally get this or that for the house, because I quit working for a big law firm, people! And drastically cut our income in half. Sure I have more time for the kids which I love – but it also means I have to save save save and budget better before I can buy things like new curtains!!!

I first got these thick but sheer curtains by this brand Pauline’s which I found in Uratex of all places. It was only  Php 400 something, almost Php 500, which I thought was cheap compared to some other curtains I checked out, so I patted myself on the back for my great find and happily took the curtains home. Only to discover that they were TOO SHORT and looked absolutely awful:

Not only were they too short, but they weren’t wide enough too. Well, of course they were all wrong – I didn’t measure my windows!  Such a rookie mistake.  Both panels only cost around Php 1,000 total but of course I didn’t run out to get new ones or add fabric to lengthen them like I saw in Pinterest. Some other task or item for the house just needed to be tackled first. So I actually lived with those ridiculous curtains for a couple of months.

Since I had to prioritize expenses (mostly on the kids’ rooms), I at least did my research: measured the curtains (what was I thinking) and I decided I wanted to get my curtains from Arq Living in Magnolia. I found lovely pure white sheer curtains and they were LONG. After three trips to Arq Living, it was finally time to buy my two panels. (And I did, on my 3rd visit to the store. And I measured the curtains for the 3rd time too, just to be sure).

The one on the left is linen but it’s an off white, almost dirty white color in person. I got the one on the right, which is made of chiffon and in the crisp pure white I wanted (though not so obvious in my crappy phone photos). Both curtains cost the same. And both are 96″ long – longer than what I needed, but after my silly short curtains, I figured I’d welcome the puddling.

And puddle they did. Here are my new curtains after we hung them:

They’re more sheer than my previous curtains (that it was thick and white but sheer was what I likedl about those short curtains), but these are wide and long. Hurray! Now I don’t get annoyed every time I sit down to eat and see my cropped curtains.

I’m still trying to decide if I’ll get them hemmed so the curtains are “kissing” the floor or I’ll leave them puddled. For now, I am just so happy the new (and longer) curtains are finally here.

I’m only allowing myself 2 sets of white curtains, and for the other set I think I want linen. I found some linen ones in H&M Home but they don’t have curtain rings, which I really prefer because it makes pulling the curtains back much easier. I will probably have the other set customized this time.  (My former boss gave me the number for the woman who does her curtains; they’ll come to your home to measure the window but I’d have to source my own fabric. I also checked Larry’s Curtains for customized curtains also; it’s more expensive there but they have available fabrics so it’s convenient. I forgot to ask though if Larry’s will come to your house to measure, or if you have to bring your window measurements to them – I didn’t think all this was possible, having someone over to measure, until Grace told me!).

I never realized until now how expensive it is to change your window treatments! Not just curtains but the rods as well. Curtains are my waterloo for the living room as well. Now it’s time to save up for the living room windows – 2 rods and 6 curtain panels.