FAMILY COMMAND CENTER: Progress at last!


I finally made some headway on our command center!  I mean, I still have work to do but I am so relieved.  I have been feeling downright depressed about it up until recently.  It sounds ridiculous, I know, since it’s just a corner for heaven’s sake, but I’ve been working on this for almost 2 months now, and it still wasn’t coming together.

What frustrated me most was despite getting the pieces I researched obsessively wanted, or organizing it the way that worked best for our household, the command center still did not look any better.  I mean, put together, the space still didn’t look harmonious or cohesive.  Unlike the School Station for instance – for some reason, that corner turned out both functional and pretty (to me at least).  But I wasn’t getting the same results with the Family Command Center.

But what a difference hanging everything made!  This morning, my H put in work with the electrical drill and hung up my mail pail, statement key rack, my 2 menu planning white boards, the additional key rack I got, and even the cork board with the kids’ clothing inventory in the ground floor bedroom.  It really helped to clear out the standing desk (I was so happy to finally get rid of that ugly bowl holding all our keys). I also finally had enough set aside to replace the telephone with a sleeker white cordless phone.


Here is my very functional corner behind our back door.  I also tried replacing the C&C wooden letter holder with a striped abaca bin from Grassroots PH, but I realized I didn’t like having colors there.  I even plan to eventually replace the yellow envelopes I use to brown and my red office supplies to white or grey or black or acrylic. (I seem to be getting allergic to color recently).


I also intend to replace the key chains and lanyards eventually.  Maybe even get Mang Ariel to paint that grey strip beside the door in white, or use those white tube thingies to cover the wires there.  As for the modem, router, and telephone cables and wires, well, they’re still there, but my dad mentioned moving the router and modem somewhere else, so I’m trying not to obsess about it too much.  I’m actually okay with leaving them exposed, as long as they look neater.  I’ll get there!

After mounting the white board behind the back door, I also realized I won’t be able to attach my Fintorp rail and condiment stand beneath because of the panels on the door.  (If I push it, it will hang way too low from the board, and little Alo will be able to reach them).  So I’ll see what I can do, because I need a place for my Grocery List binder (it’s too crowded in my file box as it is).  I still intend to get the Fintorp condiment stand because I have the rail and the hooks already!  Maybe use it for hanging plants?


There’s the violet-grey Skinny Can I got for this nook.  And the H covered the black rubber corners of Laz’s Lunch Box Planner board with grey masking tape from Muji.  I like it better than the original brown I used.  I think I might just end up using regular black markers for that menu board, and do away with colors completely.  We shall see, we shall see.

The Family Command Center isn’t essentially finished the way the School Station basically is, but I’m inching close, and I’m revising my to-do list in my blog’s sidebar, yay.  Here’s a rundown of the original list, with updates:

Need to Get:
1] File box and hanging file folders Got them from Muji in Shangri-La Plaza on 03 June 2016.
2] Desktop organizer Ordered online from C&C and it was delivered on 24 June 2016.
3] Wall-mounted mail organizer Ordered online from My Domesticity and got it the next day on 22 June 2016.
4] Hooks for keys Picked up my key rack from Resurrection Furniture & Found Objects Fallery on 03 July 2016.
5] Bar stool Found in Mandaue Foam in Cainta on 02 July 2016.
6] Cordless phone – Got a white cordless Alcatel phone from The Electronic Boutique in Big R (07.11.16)
7] White boards for Laz’s and family’s menu Purchased from Office Warehouse in Power Plant on 10 July 2016.
8] Waste bin Got another Skinny Can from Dimensione in Power Plant on 10 July 2016.
9] Framed print to hide the DSL box.
10] Rail and container for whiteboard markers and Grocery List binder – Got the short rail and the hooks from Furniture Source on 10 July 2016.
11] Additional key rack – Picked up Kasch bulb hooks from Ace Hardware in Big R on 11 July 2016

1] Figure out where to put active documents (bills for payment) Decided on 07 July 2016 to keep them in my letter organizers, it turned out okay after we hung up the mail
2] Figure out how to hide cables
3] Mount mail pail, key hooks, and whiteboards Mail pail mounted on 07 July 2016, key hooks and whiteboards mounted on 12 July 2016

Extras: Get new key chains and lanyards, paint or cover the grey strip beside the back door in white, replace my pencil jar and office supplies, maybe look for a white router?