I’ve mentioned some of the mini projects I’ve been working on in this post, and that number has since multiplied.  I suppose it’s because organizing/decorating/fixing up your home never truly ends??  I would often wonder why I’d still see my mother or father still puttering around their house, beautiful and insanely neat as it is already.  Now, I totally get it!

mini projects

Some of these mini projects have been completed, and I’ll share the finished products in upcoming posts.  Some are still in progress!  I’m keeping myself occupied with these tasks while I wait for my dining table to arrive – yes, that’s the next corner I’ll be tackling and I can’t wait!!!

#1 – I redid (and finished!) Laz’s Lunch Box Planner.  The turquoise washi tape was driving me crazy – I couldn’t deal with that streak of color for that corner.  Now it’s more toned down, and I feel much happier ever time I catch a glimpse of it behind the door. (Update: you can see Laz’s Lunch Box Planner here!)

#2 – I finally got around to figuring out how to use my new Brother label maker!  And I’m kicking myself for letting it sit in the closet for so long; that label maker is so easy to use, and I love, love, love having these neat, uniform little labels printed out.  They are waterproof too, so I’ve been using them for everything.  I’ve been tackling our filing system at home, being the next step after sorting our papers in the Family Command Center (as I shared here), and I am almost done.  Our utility bills, bank statements, and my income tax documents are all neatly filed.  I just now need to find a spot for the binders, do our home and automobile binders, important documents binder, and the kids’ school binders.

#3 – My dear Glads sent me a clipboard that perfectly fits my grocery list.  I had such a hard time finding a small clipboard that fits those A5 Muji pages I use for my grocery list templates.  My H stuck a hook on it, and I put another hook on the side of our fridge to hang my clipboard.  I’ll share this corner soon.  I am so happy because it also motivated me to clear out all the junk and old magnets cluttering our fridge.

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COMPLETED: Alo’s Small Diaper Bag

Update: I’ve completed Alo’s small diaper bag, yay!  I explained in this post why we needed a small bag for mall or grocery runs, when yaya and I just have 1 kid with us.  I just needed to get and finish a few more things, and this was one of the mini projects I was able to tackle last week.  Now Diko’s small diaper bag is all set:


I printed the photos in this post for yaya’s reference.  I described the items that go into the small bag in detail here, so below is just a quick rundown:

Halo ipad mini crossbody bag used as a diaper bag; 3-pack Chicco milk bottles; Precious Moments 3-layer food storage (used for formula); Klio (from SM Homeworld) medium-sized and small snack containers (with twist caps); Dr. Brown’s hard spout drinking tumbler; Halo non-zip phone pouch with a tiny plastic sando bag inside (because those flimsy thin plastic bags snag on zippers; we always carry them around not just for trash but for barf bags); Hygienix small hand gel; Giggles small wet wipes; DQ & Company (from Fully Booked) bag tag.

The pamunas we use at home are old cloth diapers.  I bought them in bulk when we had Laz and now we still use them as pamunas and sapin sa likod for both boys.

Also put the list of small bag contents in the DQ & Company koala bag tag that I love (it was so hard to find decent bag or luggage tags, by the way; I used to see them everywhere all the time but now that I was looking for one, I couldn’t seem to find any that were cute enough and big enough to fit a list.  It took me a while before I was able to go to a Fully Booked branch.  I had a robot bag tag from DQ & Company before, and was glad to find that their designs are still great for kids, well made, and sturdy).


Yaya has since washed the milk bottles, etc. and reports that my Brother laminated labels are indeed waterproof.  Hurray, no need to spend Php 400 for those waterproof sticker sheets from Robee!!!

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I discovered Project 52 via Bleubird a few years ago and often toyed around with embarking on my own weekly photo project of my sons.  But life got in the way, and though I do take pictures of them every week, I didn’t think the photos were anywhere near as awesome as Bleubird’s.  Plus, the background then, our old place, was always messy.  Well, our house now is tidy, and I’ve come to realize that it’s all about photo documentation of moments and snippets of your child’s life, never mind if I don’t have mad photography skills (or an SLR, come to think of it).  I should at least give this project a shot for 1 year.

alonzo-26 July 2016

Alo, still fixated with sunnies (even if they’re upside down) | 26 July 2016

lazlo-27 July 2016

Laz, during an after school Common Room run | 27 July 2016


I’ve been feeling down lately.  I don’t know if it’s the flatness you feel after completing a big project (in my case, finishing 2 major corners at home), or because the mini projects I’ve been tackling are kind of tedious (more organizing and filing and sorting than decorating and crafting).  Or it could be my growing discomfort with my situation right now.  Work is dangerously veering towards overwhelming, but I’ve always managed to stay afloat on the work front somehow – that’s one aspect of my life I never let slide no matter what else happens in other areas!  Though work is so busy that, aside from the mini projects I get to squeeze in every few days, I haven’t had time to read a book or even catch up on my favorite blogs.

The pregnancy is also starting to feel uncomfortable – my bump has decided to show itself to the world, and most days my tummy feels stretched too thin over my little baby.  Sigh.

Maybe because I feel disappointed – in how our story turned out, in this supposed great story that turned out to be such a nightmare.  Or maybe I’m disappointed with myself because I don’t like the situation but don’t feel capable enough to walk away from it.  My head tells me one thing, but my actions tell me otherwise.  And I suppose I’ve made a decision somehow now, and I’m not comfortable with the decision.  I can’t seem to walk away completely  but neither have I completely accepted the journey and the hard work I know I’d need to put in towards healing and forgiveness.

I think this is why the focus on the house is beyond pregnancy nesting.  It’s trying to get my life organized, trying to assert a sense of order over an aspect of my life that I can control and be sure about, where every detail is certain and safe and well-thought out and loved.  Dr. Inge says certain aspects of your character come to the fore when you hit a crisis, and it’s that character trait that carries you through the storm in your life.  She says in my case it’s this OC-ness.

Pfft.  I should go back to God, like my dear Jen and Amanda have been constantly encouraging me to do.  I know He’s got a plan for me, and that I’ve got to patiently trust that everything will happen in the way He deems best, but it’s the waiting game that leaves me feeling out of sorts right now.

HAULS: Home Items from Dimensione, Me & U, and The DIY Shop

I’m all for clean lines and minimalism at home, but I have to admit  I’ll always have a weakness for quirky items and trinkets.  I think they somehow add personality.  Sometimes when I browse the homes in Real Living PH, I can’t help but feel that while most are lovely, they often have a showroom-y feel.  No personal touches, all just stylized everything.  But I also wonder – how to inject personality in a minimalist home?  Or minimalism itself is a reflection of the homeowner’s personality?

ANYHOO!  I was in Eastwood a few weeks back  and originally just intended to buy cork to line my pencil jar in the School Station and cable wraps for the Family Command Center.  But Dimensione was on sale, and aaaah I’ve always been drawn to that store Me & U.  Here are the items I picked up for the dining and living areas at home (I wonder what they say about my decor personality???):


I’m slowly gearing towards tackling our dining area next.  Here are my hauls from Dimensione:  #1 breakfast-themed coasters (that’s a slice of cheese and bologna; beneath it I have toast and fried egg coasters, teehee); #2 Umbra porcupine cotton buds holder (for the Master’s bath; couldn’t resist, I love Umbra); #3 squirrel spoons which I plan to use as rice serving spoons; #4 Blooming placemats and coasters (temporary fix to replace our fugly placemats; that’s a pack of 4 for only Php 99!); #5 shark bag clips; #6 purple rose-shaped coasters; #7 smaller Blooming placemats and coasters (pack of 2) for the kids to use; and #8 mustache straws (hehe, for Alo).


From The DIY Shop and Japan Home Centre.  The cable ties I used to wrap the last 2 exposed cables in our command center (as updated here).  The cork pot holders and coasters I buy just to use the cork.  I use the big ones to put my trash bin on in the Master’s Bathroom, and the smaller one I cut to size to fit my pencil jar in the kids’ school station.  The box is for Laz’s gadgets – I hold on to boxes and receipts for cables and things because of the warranties/replacement options.


From Me & U: #1 Qualy lotus root umbrella stand; #2 Qualy bai bua tray (serving tray and drainer tray); #3 bin mr. p be happy; #4 two purple and one light blue splatter coasters.

Sigh, I really enjoy that store.  I ended up there because I was looking for a tray to hold drinking pitchers, etc. when we’re at the table.  I ended up picking up items I’ve been eyeing for years (like those coasters).  They’re all going to come together with the table settings I’ve got planned, I swear, haha.  The bin is for Laz or the kids’ room – I haven’t decided yet.

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