HAPPY FINDS: Bins and a Bar Stool

Aaaah!  So, to carry on the giddiness from yesterday (and the crack of dawn earlier today!), I just want to quickly share my happy finds.  I honestly think it was all serendipity, because I’ve been looking for weeks, even months, for these 3 items in my list:


  • For the School Station:  I needed a plastic bin to stow inside our school cabinet, remember?  For Laz’s seatwork and artwork per quarter for the whole year!  And preferably with wheels I said, and something that opens up on top instead of a drawer.  I’ve checked laundry hampers, pails, waste baskets, cardboard magazine boxes.  Nothing was quite right… Until I found this awesome carry-all (with wheels! And a covered top!) from Muji!!! I got the one on the left, because the one on the right (with wheels also!) has a drawer pull out.  Kinda hard to keep stooping down so low because it’ll basically be on the floor.


  • For the Family Command Center:  I’ve been bugging the really amazing, very patient, and so completely helpful sales people at Urban Concepts.  I’ve browsed endless bar stools, called some suppliers and design houses.  Nothing was quite right – either it looked too modern, or too country cottage-y, or was just too darn expensive for my humble command center.  But! Lo and behold!  I walked into Dimensione and boom!  Fell hard, for both the design and the price!

Sales girl not for sale, hehe.

  • For the Master’s Bathroom:  Even before we moved I’ve been hunting for a plastic bin for delicates and other laundry for the bathroom.  I have bigger hampers outside the banyo, but for this new house, I have a sliver of space between the sink and the wall to squeeze in a laundry basket.  I’ve been measuring it endlessly (hoping it’ll miraculously get bigger maybe?  Engot!).  I carry around a tape measure in my bag and have been measuring bins (like a fiend) in the mall too.  Imagine my joy when I discovered Skinny Can by Umbra in Dimensione Magnolia!  I loved the design and the price, too!  (You will not believe the makeshift hamper I’ve been using.  I shall share my before photos for our bathroom soon – no matter how icky!).

Look, the other colors for the Skinny Cans:

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