1.1 Boho Space (Kid Friendly!)

There are so many pretty corners in this house featured in The Transcontinental Affair – that colorful rug by the patio doors, that adorable children’s desk, the little rattan chair.  I could never go that eclectic or colorful – I wouldn’t know what to mix and match, but this home is beautiful (I ended up following the homeowner’s brand in IG – likewise full of gorgeous pieces).


All images from The Transcontinental Affair


FAVES: Forever pinning this spot in this lovely kitchen

This photo, specifically, has been in my Pinterest folders for a while (I discovered I keep repinning it!):


I finally searched further and checked out the rest of the kitchen in Doug Elissa, and I am so glad I did.  It’s so pretty – and I like the balance between cabinets and open shelving.  I am posting the before photo too because it shows the layout and I like knowing where things go and where doors lead.


All images by Doug Elissa

FAVES: Simple updates for a family room

I really enjoy this blogger’s home posts – especially the way she refreshed this room by their entry way.  Polka Dot Chair described it as their home office before, but now when she moved things around, it looks like a “real” family room – cozy, stylish, and personal.  We have a lot of corners, even rooms, in our house that are underutilized.  This post inspires me to rethink some spaces without spending a ton.  (I find her post so inspiring I’m even posting her before photo).


All images by Polka Dot Chair

FAVES: This California home – and bedroom!

Aside from the Australians, I also really really like the whole California beachy, white and wood vibe.   This house is another all star favorite of mine – her whole house is beautiful, but her elevated bedroom is just love.   The rattan bookcase in the living room with the vintage rug and all those plants?  Stained glass windows? Haaaay.   And that little vignette with that sculptural planter and wall hanging?  I must’ve pinned it more than once – and it was that picture that lead me to look for this beautiful home featured by Apartment Therapy (which they featured twice – here and here).  I also like the yellow backsplash with the colorful tiles in the kitchen – I have something similar at home but she makes it look GOOD.



All images by Apartment Therapy