Last Few Things


1] Duplicate last batch of keysDONE at last! 09.24.16
2] Get 2 silver large clips, 1 black large clip, and 1 black 2-ring clip from KeycardsDONE (Keycards Megamall) 08.10.16
3] Label last set of duplicated keys
4] Install single hooks
5] Assemble my travel and emergency sets of keys
6] Make an inventory or list (with photos) of the keys, and give 1 copy to Papa


1] Get matching filing drawer for Alo’s side (maybe replace Laz’s also)
2] Replace the blue plastic basket and containers inside
3] Get another Grassroots box for extra supplies (separate it from the Family Command Center supplies)
4] Organize and reassess extra school supplies before the year ends
5] Find a basket or container for library books
6] Install small hooks on the wall (for buntings)
7] Get new hooks for the clipboard and IDsDONE 10.28.16
8] Have Mang Ariel re-align that cabinet door (it came loose, grrr)DONE 10.20.16
9] Clean and figure out how to protect the cabinet top (smudged and dirty after a month!)DONE (had Mang Ariel put formica on the cabinet top after he repainted the whole thing) 10.21.16

Extras: large framed print for the wall behind the school cabinet (make or pick or buy one; inquire as to framing costs; have it framed, if necessary; buy hooks; hang print)
Maybe: hang plants on wall columns on both sides


1] Find a frame for my printDONE 10.11.16 
2] Container to hold the Grocery List binder and whiteboard markersDONE (Mang Ariel figured out how to install my magnet metal little bin on my wooden door for my whiteboard markers and erasers.  As for my binder, I’ve decided to keep it in my file box for now) 10.26.16
3] Paint the grey strip beside the doorDONE 10.18.16
4] Switch to brown envelopes instead of whiteDONE 10.11.16
5] Replace the green string on the mobile with jute stringDONE 10.11.16
6] Replace the mail pail hook for something sturdierDONE 10.26.16
7] Replace light switch cover
8] Have Mang Ariel patch up the holes behind the frame and Resurrection key rackDONE 10.18.16

SMALL DIAPER BAG (Yaya’s) – Done! Completed on 30 July 2016

1] Put small plastic bag (in pouch) or small wet bag in outer pocketDONE (pouch from Halo with tiny sando bag; 07.25.16)
2] Have waterproof labels printed from Robee for bottles and containersAs it turns out, my Brother labels are laminated and water resistant! Will use these for now and see how they hold up after washing (07.28.16)
3] Get a cute bag tag with list of diaper bag itemsDONE (Fully Booked luggage tag and made my list with Brother labels; 07.28.16)
4] Leave small hand gel in the bagDONE (07.24.16)
5] Print photo of diaper bag contents and post in corkboard for Yaya’s referenceDONE (printed and laminated and on the dresser, opted not to use a corkboard for now; 07.30.16)