Running lists of things to do per room or corner at home:

Updated as of:     18 June 2018

My “4 AT TIME” ongoing projects right now.


(Master Bedroom post-renovation checklist here, and as updated here)

  • figure out the cleaning supplies I actually use and should be getting see my post here
  • also figure out temporary storage for said cleaning supplies
  • order ante-room cabinet hardware from Vintage Hardware Manila, and brackets for the over-door shelf for closet roomordered the hardware except for the brackets (I’m going to wait to see what we do with the closet room)
  • purchase cleaning supplies:
    • telescopic pole, broom, carpet cleaner, duster, desk broom and dustpan, mop box, short pole for Bo, broom for Bo (the mops were not available in both Muji Shang and Power Plant! Boo) – 06.12.18 from Muji, Power Plant
    • Muji mops (the 2 kinds), another telescopic pole for me, and the mop and another short pole for Bo.  And a small brush to clean bathroom bottles and containers
    • Look for microfiber cloths
    • Dyson vacuum cleaner (though I’m testing to see how well the Muji carpet cleaner is going to perform, so I’m not hankering for the 40k vacuum right now – eeek right?)
    • Wooden hooks06.28.18 from H&M Home
    • Messy Bessy cleaning spray and refill


  • get more file boxes 05.27.18 from Muji
  • get letter size hanging folders, and organize boys’ papers


  • find the balcony door keys!!!


  • another set of white towels for Laz and Alo06.01.18 from H&M Kids
  • 2nd set of fitted sheets for queen and double06.29.18 from H&M Home 
  • get the duvet for the boys that matches our striped ones06.29.18 from H&M Home

*Original “Keeping It Simple” list here – I’ve nixed this list, but leaving it here for my future reference. Ha! On why we redid all project checklists and priorities, you can find it here.