HAULS: Halloween


Halloween haul from Pottery Barn Kids – everything was 50%, and I shopped end of September, would you believe!

I shared in this post how I wanted to keep our Halloween decors at home as simple as possible.  Aside from the occasional item in toy stores, I only intend to buy my Halloween decor from 4 stores (maybe 5, if The Gorgeous Mess comes out with those apothecary little bottles again): Pottery Barn Kids, La Pomme (as seen below), Co/op, and Quirks.  THAT’S IT, I swear.  (At least for now).  I also really love the process of buying – and making! – a few Halloween decorations each year, and building our (small!) collection as the years go by.


My LaPomme handmade plush pumpkins (as I shared here) – and Alonzo hehe


PEGS: For the Dining Room


Breakfast at home  – crazy mismatched everything, hahaha!  

*Updated* I actually love our dining table – my mother lent it to me and it’s made of beautiful hard wood, with 2 benches.  But the problem is the sides of the table are a bit closed off with big slabs of wood, so we can’t fit a high chair on either end.  There are benches instead of chairs, and the benches are too low for Alo, and too narrow to fit a booster seat.  Size-wise, it’s built for 4 people. And, beautiful as it is, my parents picked it out and naturally it reflects their taste more than mine.


Image via Minimalisti and Decorilla

I crushed hard on those French metal cafe chairs for a while.   Then I got a bit over it and started crushing on those white Eames chairs – and rip-offs of that design were everywhere – online Ikea sellers and even department stores.  The photo above is a perfect mix of the 2 types of chairs I like.


Image via Home Designing

Here the chairs at the kabisera are armchairs, a slight variation that I also like if you want to go with more matchy chairs.  But I can’t do armchairs because I would have to fit booster chairs for Alo and eventually Baby No. 3 (they won’t fit in the regular white chairs too ergo the metal cafe chairs because the seats are flat).

And much as I like all wood tables like the ones above, I decided to go with a wood top table with metal legs.  So now it’s deciding whether I should get one with black metal legs:


Image via Home Designing

Or maybe white metal legs?  My worry with going with black is that it looks like a study desk, and it’s a bit more common.  White may look cleaner. This beautiful home has the exact table I am pining for (get the pun, hehe), with the matching chairs and all:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Image sources for gallery: Apartment Therapy; Apartment Therapy; Decouvrir L’Endroit du Decor; My DomaineDecouvrir L’Endroit du Decor

Locally, I found furniture maker Dekko making similar tables like the ones with the white legs above (here).   I loved it.  I love the grid thing Dekko does on the legs, like the table is propped up on a frame.  And I like the pinewood slabs Dekko uses.  (I shall ask for a quote and request for the legs to be painted stark white talaga).

Sigh, castles in the sky is what I call this exercise (I picked that up from Little Women, hehe).  But I’m pretty relentless when I’ve made up my mind about what I want and like, so I’m going to make everything happen at one point.  Oh, and as to details, I noticed for that clean Nordic look it’s all about white pots and plants or pottery or sleek steel accessories to keep everything streamlined noh?

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MEAL PLANNING: Homemade Planner


Here is our Household Calendar in the Family Command Center.  (The painted rock from Resurrection Furniture is to keep the binder flat, because the cover keeps lifting up).

In my last Family Command Center update, I shared how I detested the freebie planner and notepad I was using to write down our help’s menu and schedule.  I also couldn’t find a planner that suited my needs – I wanted something hardbound (because it’s going to be in a high traffic area at home), with a weekly calendar view.  It also needed to be a bit big, so yaya won’t have a hard time writing things down.  I eventually gave up my search and just decided to make my own household calendar/planner.


I made a weekly calendar template in MS Excel, with a front and back page.  I printed it out, cut them down to smaller than B5 size sheets, then glued them back to back on Muji lined B5 paper, because I wanted to use a B5 binder as well (I measured; it was just the right size for the ledge I use in the command center).  I used my brush pens to write down the days and months.  Then it was time to protect and decorate the binder.

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Hew year, new wing! | 06 June 2016

New year, new wing! | 06 June 2016

We’re a month into 2nd Grade.  I still can’t believe my eldest baby is in second grade!!!  We visited his new classroom before school started last summer so Laz would know where to go.  We used his old school stroller since it was in great condition (thank God, too, less gastos), and are still due to replace his old lunchbox and drinking flask.  He got new black shoes and new pants.  (He still fits into his polos).  I got the pants made in Topper’s along Katipunan.  I’m happy with how they turned out because the pants the school sells runs too wide in the leg, ugh.  His old sneakers still fit, too, barely, and we’re due for new sneakers for P.E. as well.

Laz started 1st Grade very nervous, and he was pretty anxious and stressed the first two months or so, adjusting to a big school and all.  He kept worrying about his teachers, that they were too strict, there were so many rules, etc.  His teacher at the time reported that he finally seemed to relax and enjoy being with his friends come 2nd Quarter.

This year, though, Laz started Grade 2 filled with confidence.  They were no longer the runts of the school, and he had 4 other classmates from his old section.  He still sees his old classmates in the hallways (and on weekends sometimes too), and has made new friends.  He also doesn’t get too stressed about his homework anymore, although he is still a stickler about coming to school early. Plus, we’re still dealing with the picky eating!  Such a challenge especially since he packs food for recess and lunch now (we didn’t bother with the meal card; I saw the menu, Laz doesn’t eat a single dish there).

We also have a new co-parent group over at Viber, and while this section’s co-parents aren’t as tight (yet) as our 1-Magala(ng) family, I’m happy to report that, so far, our 2nd Grade co-parents seem to be an equally nice and very helpful group.  2nd Grade is off to a good start!

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SNEAK PEEK: Home Goods! 


It’s 4 o’clock in the morning, and I’ve just finished a Comment/Opposition to a Motion for Reconsideration and an executive summary for a client.  I also attended a hearing in Taguig yesterday morning, went to a meeting in Manila, waited in Magnolia for Laz, and wrote my pleading for the rest of the night.  But!  Boring lawyer stuff aside, I just need to squeeze in a little preview of my hauls for the day.  I love Robinson’s Magnolia because all the home stores I like are there – Make Room, Dimensione, Gourdo’s, True Value, True Home, Muji, H&M Home, and even Arq Living.

I am just giddy as can be because I have some happy, lucky finds!  Imagine, I just posted my list of need-to-do and extras for rooms and corners in the house, and bingo, I actually found some need-to-do-or-get right there in Magnolia!  (And a few extras.  Muji will be the death of me).  I was able to check off some biggies in my list – and encountered another epic fail!  Haha.  My 2nd, actually, with this house.  I’ll tell you all about it, plus the hauls and updates, soon soon soon.  Right now I have to sleep! (Giddy, but sleeeeepeeeee).