PROJECT CLEAN HOUSE – Part 1 Updates (Downstairs)

My first Project Clean House update – yay! I gave myself a deadline of until today, April 21, to tackle Part 1 of Project Clean House 2017 – that’s the command center, kitchen, school station, and dining area/under the stairs/living room/entry.  I started Part 1 on April 2, but I gave myself two weeks because I had to factor in our Holy Week holiday. As you can see, I haven’t finished even half of Part 1!

Command Center

  1. File this year’s billing statements, and take out last year’s calendar from our household binder 02 April 2017
  2. Print this year’s calendars and grocery lists, and have them photocopied 05 and 06 April 2017
  3. File away new calendars and grocery lists in their respective binders (punch holes and washi tape included). – 07 and 08 April 2017
  4. Get boxes for the china I’ll be returning to my mother. 06 April 2017
  5. Organize that overhead china cabinet (check supplies there, return the birthday dishes).08 April 2017
  6. Note down supplies needed for command center. 08 April 2017
  7. Switch back the black frames for the white ones (for the print).
  8. Print new copies of cleaning schedule, then laminate 1 copy and put 1 copy in a clipboard for the help. 11 April 2017 
  9. Discuss laundry schedule with help, and revise if needed. 11 April 2017 
  10. Orient the new help on the household binder, grocery lists, laundry and cleaning schedules.
  11. Check and re-organize keys.
  12. Find a spot for Papa’s mail.


  1. Pack away the china I’ll be returning to my mom. (Boxes, tissue/brown paper).
  2. Go over each cabinet, take everything out, sort what we use or don’t use, take note of storage needs, have help clean the insides of each cabinet and wash container, reorganize cabinets, label when necessary.
  3. Throw away shelf liners and clear and clean the open shelves.
  4. Take note of broken hinges, locks, and all other kitchen hardware.
  5. Borrow a camera, bring out our new dinnerware, take photos for help’s reference, print photos, organize photos in small albums or corkboard or laminate for ease of reference.
  6. Take note of lunch box items that are broken or have missing parts, label per kid when necessary.
  7. Go over all our leftover containers, cut down on the volume, find matching lids, store properly, and eventually upgrade to more glass, less plastic containers.
  8. Organize sink, replace containers if needed, clean dish rack and bin
  9. Clean, reorganize and improve storage system for the fridge, post instructions and reorient help about storing leftovers.
  10. Prep Lunch Box menu board and complete our meal planning board.

School Station

  1. Put Laz’s important papers in an envelope, for filing later on.
  2. Throw out all other papers in our wheeled crate.
  3. Check supplies list, compare with this year’s list for the new grade, and take note of what we need to buy.
  4. Empty out Alo’s side, label his hanging file folders.
  5. Measure cabinets for matching bins and plastic drawers.

Dining Room/Under the Stairs/Living Room/Entry 

  1. Organize the white metal shelves in dining area.
  2. Transfer emergency supplies into backpack or other container that would be easier to grab.
  3. Note emergency supplies and expiration dates.
  4. Have carseat cleaned. 10 April 2017 
  5. Change and clean the diffuser.
  6. Check umbrellas in entry.
  7. Clear the work files from entry and under the stairs, figure out catch all for items from the car, instruct the driver and help.
  8. Have that fan repaired!
  9. Put the emergency light somewhere else.
  10. Post a schedule for watering my plants.

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