LANAI-PLAYROOM: Skipping ahead for a bit of decorating

I know decorating should be the last item in my home renovation list, but I just couldn’t resist; I also needed a break from saving up and buying nothing but essentials! (Curtains! Chair! Mattresses!). And you know how slowly and tentatively I decorate – so when I find something I love, I just go for it. Like with these two: 

T-rex planter from Jurassic Pot; A4 lightbox from Typo

I’ve always wanted a lightbox. I want lightboxes all over our house, hahaha. I found sources in IG, but Typo had them in store sooooo… This isn’t LED I think, I have to check the box, so I haven’t plugged it in. (The boxes from Typo also do not come with an adaptor, I had to buy it separately from Ace Hardware). 

The dino-pots, on the other hand, are LOVE. Jurassic Pot is awesome, period. We got a triceratops and a bunch of little glass dino jars too. 


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