LANAI-PLAYROOM: Plans for this wall

Our playroom, being the lanai, is all folding glass and metal doors,  with just one wall where we could keep a toy cabinet and the television set. It’s actually not so great having all windows there because it gets HOT. And we don’t have screens by the doors, so we hardly open them for fear of lamok. Life in the tropics! 

So we have this 1 wall, and though not all my plans for this wall are part of my bare essentials list, I still want to share what I want to do with it: 

#1 – Replace the old floor fan the Lulipops lent us. 

#2 – Paint the cabinet doors white, and attach handles or knobs.

#3 – Paint the insides of the shelves white, and get containers for each kid’s shelf

#4 – Ask my dad if I can remove these cables for the speakers they installed before. Otherwise, extend the electrical casing or cover these corners with a tall plant or narrow trolley.

#5 – Give the Fisher Price chair to Luli. We got a Bumbo floor chair for Bo and haven’t gotten much use from the Fisher Price rocker.

#6 – Get a nice box to store the dvds. Something with an open top just so they can dump the piles of dvds there, for easy access but at least the pile will still be hidden. Transfer the CD player somewhere else. 

#7 – Organize the cables (with cable ties) and secure the tv. 

#8 – Paint the wall. I’m thinking dark, so the tv will blend in somewhat. There’s a lot of light in that room so I’m not too scared of putting a dark accent wall. If we don’t go dark, maybe wall decals or a gallery wall so the tv isn’t the focal point.

The curtains, etc. are all essentials, so they aren’t part of this list. Oh and notice our pretty dino-pot and lightbox? Will be sharing those in another post. 


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