I knew I wanted to get black and white floor covers for the lanai-playroom. As to whether I’d get a rug or foam playmat was simply a matter of timing – since Bo is going on 6 months, I had my heart set on the Skip Hop black and white foam playmats. I love the clean and graphic design – no numbers or animals! 

The problem was, I waited too long and the b&w went out of stock EVERYWHERE. Luckily, my suking Mothercare Magnolia texted to tell me that they had 2 packs of the b&w that someone else had reserved – but the mom who reserved them was taking forever to pick them up. I told them to reserve them for me in case the other mom doesn’t get them. I waited 5 more days to give the other mom a chance but on the 5th day, I called, she still didn’t go back for them, so I figured screw it, they’re mine.

Here are the kuyas putting the mat together: 

We have the grey and white version, too, actually but I plan to use that upstairs (with the wooden floor boards). For the terra cotta tiles downstairs, I like the b&w better. 


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