The first thing I have to do for the boys’ playroom is to CLEAN. Get rid of half of the toys, and organize what’s left. I had built in shelves made by Mang Ariel when we moved in – only to find out that the kids don’t use it much because they can’t reach it. (Gets ko na why Montessori encourages everything to be kid level). 

This is the view of our lanai-playroom from the dining table: 

It’s a tiny room (like the rest of the house) and it was a hot mess when I took these photos last February. 

We had our Muji lounger there, and my mother loaned the daybed. It’s good wood, but a bit dark for the space. There’s no back rest, so the kids don’t use it much for watching TV. 

Aside from the built ins, I also replaced the low shelves we brought to the lanai from our old house. I had Mang Ariel build this cabinet for toys right before I gave birth last year (October): 

As you can see, it’s been 5 months and I still haven’t gotten handles for the cabinet doors! It’s because I can’t make up my mind about what cabinet hardware to get. I thought I’d get handles from Vintage Hardware Manila but I wanted to see the hardware in person. Sigh. No handles meant the kids couldn’t/didn’t use the cabinets. So the playroom looked like this: 

That’s the box supposedly for toy donations. But Alo dug it up and so the mess! I came down to breakfast one morning last month and saw that disaster zone, aaaargh. 
I am on a mission to get rid of most of the toys. The kids have too many – mostly gifts from their Lulipops. Although you can’t tell from the photo, I honestly subscribe to that theory that kids do not need a lot of toys. 

The goal for this room is to declutter, organize, and make it a comfy and bright spot for the kids to play in. While I’ve really been inspired by Montessori homes, I know I won’t be able to go hard core Montessori here. We still do not have cable, so I can monitor what the kids watch. But they DO use the tv for videos, and I’d like seating, not a floor bed ala Montessori style.

Change out the curtains for blinds, get a playmat for when Bo starts walking, and get cabinet handles, remove the built ins, figure out if I want to paint the cabinets, get a new fan, organize the toys and DVD, paint the wall behind the TV – that’s basically the Bare Essentials List for this room!  Everything else is decor – I’m aiming for a monochromatic space – but hopefully still stimulating for the kiddos. 


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