HAULS: Kids’ Loot – Part 1

For the most part, I’ve been doing all right with prioritizing the bare essential items on my list – at least, for major purchases for the home. My 1 big downfall however is that I can’t resist kid decor! Even more so when it’s handcrafted children’s room decor! 

Like this pom pom basket from The Nifty Decorator. I got pillow shams too and these neat banners: 

I had the “Wild Thing” banner custom made by Angelica. It’s for Alo, hehe. 

I love this digital print from Walloh Designs so much I asked her to make a custom one for me too. It looks so great on my white walls. 

Playmats from Littlest Setter. Took a looong time to get them but they are so well made.

And Design Letters Kids tableware that I ordered from Dre and Art. They’re not decor, obviously, but I LOVE Design Letters. 

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