DINING ROOM: The Bare Essentials List

*I shared in this post how I realized I needed to quit changing and revising my to-do lists for the house if I ever hope to finish renovating and decorating it. 

It feels funny posting an almost identical photo of our dining room, but heck! Progress recently has been slow in this corner which, as compared to the living room, felt livable already.  I prioritized it since we use it all the time, quite obviously, and it was easy to feel like I’ve made headway here because we brought in the heavies – major pieces like the dining table and dining chairs.  Now it’s time to focus on all the other things – little details and the not-so-urgent but nevertheless important bits (like the missing pendant light, and the broken sliding doors).

I don’t know if I should get a rug there.  It seems like suicide, what with 3 boys and all (who are all such messy eaters – and by 3 I mean the 2 older boys and the H!).  I’d also like to declutter the Family Command Center even more.  And currently, the white shelves are no longer in that corner but back under the stairs at the other side of the window (because I couldn’t stand how it made the area look even busier).  Anyhoo!  Here’s the Bare Essentials List for the dining area:


Start of Living Room Project: 15 July 2016 (“Pegs for the Dining Room“)
End of Living Room Project (or “essentially finished”): 

  • Buy a 6-seater dining table (and return the one my mother loaned me)
  • Buy 4 white modern chairs
  • Complete my initial set of dinnerware
  • Repaint the base boards, beams, and window frames white
  • Replace electric switch plates and outlets, and cover unused electric sockets
  • Get a high chair (or booster seat) for Alo – and a splat mat
  • Replace the wooden curtain rods with slimmer black ones
  • Get 2 sets of sheer white curtains (1 for every day use, 1 for laundry days)
  • Get a sideboard or shelves or bar cart for the little O.C. essentials – and figure out where to put it
  • Get a high chair for Bo – and a splat mat
  • Buy a white standing fan
  • Find a stool or a step stool
  • Get new pendant lights or a chandelier, have an electrician install them, return the old lights to my folks, and have Mang Ariel patch up the ceiling after installation
  • Replace the broken sliding doors
  • Remove the overhead china cabinet
  • Mark the floor for table placement (for kasambahay’s reference)
  • Decorate: add a plant in a pot for the corner, add hanging plant or mobile, get a print, add plants to the sideboard/shelves/bar cart, get a clock
  • Storage Needs for O.C. Essentials: coasters in a dish, paper napkins in a container, container for center pieces (when I change them aorund), tray for existing centerpieces, storage for extra curtains, storage for anti-mosquito gear
  • Anti-Lamok Measures: plug-ins, have screen windows installed, get a mosquito zapping machine, anti-mosquito plants, and anti-mosquito room spray

Previous Versions of the Living Room Checklist:  List 1 – 08 July 2016 “Shifting Priorities (for Projects at Home)“; List 2 – 01 October 2016 “Re-Evaluating my Project Priorities (and Mini-Projects!“; List 3 – 15 October 2016 “Dining Area Windows and To-Do List“; List 4 -12 November 2016 “Brighter and Lighter“; List 5 – 10 January 2017 “Awkward Bits“; List 6 – 12 January 2017 “Midway Report“.

View all our Little House dining room posts and updates here.


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