Floor Covers and these Anthropologie Rugs

I’ve always kept a very simple (and limited!) list of area rugs I hope to get for the house. 

A big abaca rug is one. Another is a light colored rug, with minimal black print. I like that black and white striped Ikea rug for the kids’ room. I thought of an oriental or Persian or Morrocan rug, and I still like the look, but I haven’t quite checked where I can buy authentic ones in Manila! 

I love our “Souk” rug so much I’m even thinking of getting a bigger size for the bedroom. But how O.A. naman to have 2 of the exact same rug. So maybe we should get this other rug from West Elm: 

But then I came across this photo in Pinterest (from Design Sponge) when I was looking for pink couches, and by gosh, now I want a colorful rug! 

Light Lab via Design Sponge 

That space is designed by Sarah Sherman Samuel, this interior design blogger I follow, and incidentally her home office with another pink couch is my peg for our living room someday! (I’ll be sharing that same photo above again when I moon about dream house pegs hehe). 

Anyhoo, so I checked Anthropologie because I know they carry fun rugs (even if they don’t sell here in the Philippines!), and figured I’d better sign up for MyShoppingBox or something someday if I ever want to own any one (or two) of these beauties:

“Kinza” Rug (via)

“Hildara” Rug (via)

“Aldana” Rug (via)

“Jovana” Rug (via)

“Multi-Dotted” Rug (via)

My version of “colorful” is of course against a neutral base, as you can see from above. And I figured I’d get a smaller size and layer it over an abaca rug (not only cheaper, but so I can switch around whatever smaller rugs I have).

So there seems to be a new passion now for area rugs at home, argh. And a pink couch. Definitely number one in my dream house mood boards! 


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