SNEAK PEEK: Manila Maker custom bunk bed

Sneak PeekS actually as I will be sharing several photos.  (I’ll share a full shot of the bed once I get the mattress and beddings in order!). Edsel of Manila Maker delivered our custom bunk bed today, but before they arrived, he sent me this photo: 

And here are all the bits and pieces when the bed arrived at home: 

Edsel and his carpenter assembled the bed. I love love love how clean it looks – and in that white and wood Scandi style I wanted! (Thank you, Edsel!! The bed is so worth the wait!).   And the bottom bunk is nice and big, just as we requested. Here’s another teaser: 

The bed looks great with the dark wall. I may repaint it to white again at one point, but for now I am liking the dramatic contrast of the wall with the bed. And now to measure and get a double mattress for the bottom bunk, and to go back for the beddings I earmarked! 


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