SHARED BOYS’ ROOM: The Bunk Bed is Coming!!! 

Eek! Edsel from Manila Maker sent me these photos of the bunk bed I ordered for the downstairs bedroom:

And then a couple of days after, he sent me this:

EEEK! White and wood, and clean clean clean – just as I requested.  It’s due to be finished – and delivered! – this coming week! i.! Now I have to scramble and get a mattress and sheets!! I held off buying beddings because the bed was taking a while to be finished so I figured what’s the rush. Oooh but now the arrival is imminent!! EEEEEE!! I am off to get the beddings first, then the mattress! Because beddings are pretty standard in size but the mattress I can have Uratex cut exactly to the size of the bed.
(I also found other pieces for our home that I’ve been looking for since last year. And I’m talking about The Ones, the pieces I fell hard for and fit every OC requirement. I shall share soon!).


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