ONE CORNER AT A TIME: Sticking to the Bare Essentials

I know I’ve been through way too many reiterations of my checklists and to-do lists for the house.  I tried to justify it to myself as the list adjusting to the needs of the room (or corner), or their specific issues which emerge only after I made the list (and the revised list and the further revised list etc.).  But truth is, since I kept tweaking or revising my checklists, it feels like it’s been a never ending journey to finish the house.  I don’t have the fulfillment of finally checking off each item because the darn lists keep changing. In line with my monthly inventory of hauls for the house, I’ve decided that staying focused on the home improvement/renovations should start with finally coming up with a list and sticking to THAT list.

And enough day dreaming about the frills.  Even though the house looks pretty bare in photos, I actually have stashes of decorative items all waiting to be displayed or pulled out or hung.  Enough – for now!  I’m stripping down all the extras and sticking to the bare essentials to make each room livable, and at least lovely enough for our daily use (sans knick knacks!).  I’ve been coming up with my Bare Essentials Lists for each project, with a little link to all the past list versions I’ve made for each room or corner in the house (to revisit in the future).

Actually, when I recently reviewed all the lists I made I discovered that, for the living room alone, I made FIVE different to-do lists in a span of 6 months!  That means I kept changing everything that I needed to do or accomplish almost every month.  Sheesh.  It’s no wonder the house isn’t finished.  I promised myself, from here on in, I SHALL STICK TO THE PROGRAM.  No changing, no revisions, no nothing until I get this house in order.

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