I have stand fans in most of my room checklists for “things to get.” Electric fans are just a reality in this country. Plus, we have a garden and it just makes better sense to open the windows especially downstairs. I don’t see the need for air-conditioning in the living room. (Though oddly enough, the lanai was air-conditioned because it used to double as the family room).  I think for the downstairs we’ll eventually get A/C for the shared boys’ room and the lanai. But even with air-conditioning we’d still need to get fans. Para tipid kahit papaano sa kuryente.

I’ve looked up sleeker fans and read the reviews. Those Dyson bladeless fans are pretty all right but so expensive. I also discovered Vornado fans and some in-depth reviews I’ve found say it’s better than the Dyson, air circulation wise. It’s cheaper too and locally available. I like how it looks kind of retro. But I worry that the stand fan/pedestal version may look a tad too chunky for our tiny living room. And it’s got a big foot print (I was going to put it near the wall in our no-entryway entry so it faces the couch).

They have this Vornado fan in white and grey. 

There’s a Vornado stall in Trinoma, off to the side of National Book Store. I found Vornado fans in Rustan’s Department Store too. (You can see the white version of the stand fan on one of the boxes in the photo). 

I’ve already decided to get a ceiling fan for the shared boys’ room, and was on the hunt for a stand fan for the living room. Then I realized, why not get a ceiling fan for the living area as well? The ones I found by Hunter have light too, and I plan to add light in the living room so why not just get a ceiling fan with light? 

I only decided to go for ceiling fans when I found simple, modern designs from Hunter. (I recall ceiling fans used to be too, um, embellished – or they look like factory fans). The white one I was eyeing for the boys’ room would work nicely for the living room too, me thinks.  This saves me from getting a pendant light and a separate fan for the living room. This also means I can move the 2-barrel white Asahi we’ve been using for the living room to the dining area, where I can put it under the stairs so it’s out of the way. (That’s one less thing to buy!).


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