LIVING ROOM: Moving Things Around

I think I may have finally found a solution to my blank wall, and for balancing out that side of our teeny living room by the front door:

I moved the bench! And now that it’s under the window I got to move the rocker forward to fill up what used to be just awkward empty space. (When I got the bench, I had to do away with my little native seat, which made me unhappy because I love that thing).

This was my living room prior to the bench. As I shared here, I really missed how sparse it looked. (Um, don’t mind the curtains!). But I thought the left side looked too empty and off, with everything sort of bunched up towards the far end across the door.

Then my bench arrived and as much as I LOVE it, I couldn’t figure out where to put it, so it ended up closing off the living area as shown in the photo. I couldn’t stand how it sort of fenced off the space – it looked terrible and basically shut down all the pathways. Sort of like the Bermuda triangle. And speaking of bunched up, now the entire right side looked incredibly crowded.

I kept rearranging the furniture, and took tons of photos. I knew for certain at this point I wanted to keep the loveseat on the diagonal (as explained here), but I was just about ready to give up the bench and move it somewhere else when I placed it under the window, moved down the rocker and angled it just so (to face the loveseat but not get in the way of the door)…aaaaaand I thought it looked all right.

There’s enough space between the rocker and the bench too. Plus I finally set aside my very old, hand-me-down Ikea floor lamp and that Mavs poster (because didn’t I promise myself to do away with “okay for now” pieces?). There’s the poster by my umbrella stand (which I love) in that photo, but as of press time, the poster has been banished upstairs.

I’m actually thinking of painting the door. Black maybe? And my issue with the curtains is that I need Mang Ariel to install new rods, so I’m holding off purchasing until I have enough for Mang Ariel to do when I book him. I’ve been on the look out for a doormat too but no luck so far. But at least now I am FINALLY happy with the furniture arrangement. (I know I know this is why people get interior designers. It’s the whole spacing thing that’s so darn hard).

Anyhoo so now I don’t have to put a bookshelf along that wall behind the door; maybe a couple of floating shelves or a print or a mirror. But definitely more plants by that window.  Yay! 

Bonus shot of my Boaz, looking on as his Mamu pushed furniture around. Hi babe!!!

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