SHARED BOYS’ ROOM: The “Where We Are” Photos

I gave myself a break from working on the living and dining rooms, and I thought this would mean taking a breather from all things house related, period. WRONG. I found myself focusing on the boys’ shared bedroom now. In fact I ordered a custom bunk bed. Teehee.

I don’t have the photos when we moved in, so this is called the “Where We Are” photos instead of “Before” photos.  We’ve done some things to the room (painted the walls in this lovely dark grey-navy color, painted the baseboards and window frames white, removed the old blinds, got the downstairs crib, painted the crib and the old single bed white).  But since the room still looks like a hot mess (as you can see from these photos that I am bravely sharing, eeek!), I absolutely refuse to refer to this as “Progress” or “Midway” updates.


Eek right?  There’s a bunch of discarded furniture in that room from other parts of the house, like the wooden magazine rack wedged between the bed and the wall.  And that grubby thing beside Alo, below the window?  That’s the old mattress from the driver’s bunk outside.  Someone pulled it out to put in the lanai, and now it’s in here, arrgh.

In my original list I said I’d do away with a bunk bed and ceiling fan. But as time passed I realized we do need a bigger bed in that room. Our Yaya sleeps on the single bed. My in laws are here at least once, usually twice, a week to visit and help with the kids. My FIL and MIL would take turns taking naps or just plain resting on Yaya’s bed. That won’t do. Also, for his naps, Alo sleeps on his yaya’s bed, ratty sheets and all.

Well not only is it time to buy Jay some new beddings, but I figured a bunk bed is still the best solution. I was really hesitant at first because the room is so small, but after months of use, we knew the bedroom was really for sleeping, not playing. So I’m not going to worry about floor space for playing or storage for toys. We need BEDS.


Alo and Bo and yaya all squeezed in together (on yaya’s equally grubby sheets – I got new ones na! Don’t worry! Haha).  As awful as the room is, at least the dark grey walls are still lovely.  (And our 950-pesos Marikina crib, supposedly a temporary sleeping solution for baby downstairs, is still around – and at least looks somewhat better after we painted it white).

The plan is to get a bunk bed with a single for the top bunk and a double for the bottom bunk. Our yaya gets the top bunk, and it’ll give her some privacy somewhat when the grannies come over. (We have a maids’ room and bathroom outside, but I prefer for Jay to be inside. And when we went without an extra pair of hands, I think Jay preferred being inside too).

The double bunk at the bottom is for Alo and Bo – I want the kids to bedshare while they’re little. The bottom bunk should also fit my FIL, Jay when she’s napping with Alo, and all 3 kids when we have date nights. (We’ll most likely move Bo’s crib to the lanai).


The closets are pretty organized, actually. I came up with a system when we moved and Jay has been really good at sticking to it.  The boys already have matching hangers (unlike us!) event though it’s all plastic.  I just need to eventually upgrade to wooden hangers and matching (or at least nicer) containers.  I also toyed with the idea of replacing the pocket doors with regular doors on hinges, but the room is really so tiny; these doors may be the best solution.

Here is my revised (and updated) list of things to do and get for the boys’ shared bedroom:

Shared  Boys’ Room To-Do List
start of project:  11 July 2016
end of project (or essentially finished at least): 

  • Buy a Marikina crib, have it painted white, and have wheels attached at the bottom
  • Paint the baseboards and window frames white
  • Get a bunk bed
  • Buy a double size mattress
  • Get a mattress protector
  • Repaint room
  • Replace the laminated dresser for a changing table
  • Buy electric fans
  • Get 2 laundry hampers (1 for uniforms, 1 for everything else)
  • Find decals to decorate the DIY hamper and attach wheels and a handle
  • Get a diaper bin
  • Remove the old slatted blinds and install white roller blinds
  • Buy a bedside table
  • Figure out how to cover the electrical outlets by the bathroom door
  • Change the outlets and switch plates
  • New beddings and pillows for both bunks
  • Have all the new pillows and beddings monogrammed
  • Hunt down our dark grey-navy wall color and buy a small can for touch ups!
  • Replace the trash bin
  • Print charts for kids’ clothing inventory to guide yaya – DONE (07.11.16)
  • Mount the corkboard for the kids’ inventories



That is the laminated dresser I was talking about.  It’s from SM and while the size and the compartments are just right for this tight spot, I truly hate the two-tone faux wood design.  The mirrors above are from Ikea and came with the house.  That’s Alo’s small diaper bag on top of the dresser – our yaya Jay can’t shake the habit of leaving it there instead of putting it in the cabinet below where it belongs!  Sigh – you can’t win them all!


Other view.  That light blue bin is one of (2) laundry hampers.  And to the right of the blue and green trash bin is the electrical outlet I was talking about that needs covering.

Anyhoo, the list above are the essentials. New pillows and beddings are a must – the pillows Jay and Alo use are old and lumpy and I’m sure filthy! Decorwise, I know exactly what I want, hehe:

  • Install a row of hooks
  • Have a low bookcase or box made
  • Get an area rug
  • Find a fun clock
  • Order some pennants
  • Hang up buntings
  • Get an alphabet wall print
  • Get 2 large black and white prints
  • Get smaller colorful wall prints
  • Fun throw pillows for the bed
  • Get some small decorative shelves – cloud, or teepee, or triangles.
  • Get a colorful mobile for the wall, and another one for Bo’s crib

Although I better hold off on the wall decor because I don’t know how much bare walls I’m going to have left once the bunk is in place (the room being tiny and all).

Since I’m talking about fixing up the boys’ room, you know what would be wonderful? If we could renovate their bathroom too! (And ours, for that matter). The green tiles are faded and simply not pretty anymore. I want to build a sturdier shower curtain and towel rod, get new rugs and a step stool. Replace the light fixture. Get a smaller sink, clean up the sloppy paint job on the window frame, get a mirror finally. Etc. But the H isn’t ready to commit to something that major. Hmph. I’m still going to ask Mang Ariel to measure though (for tile count! Heehee).


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