DINING ROOM: Refurbishing the Vintage High Chair

Remember the vintage high chair my parents got for Alo last month? Here’s what we’ve done with it so far:


We removed the seatbelt and were left with these nasty sharp metal bits which we pulled out.


We scrubbed off all the labels and stickers, and cleaned every inch of it (including the cracks!) with organic baby wipes, so as not the ruin or stain the wood

Here she is – in all her naked glory – but clean as can be.  (You can see Bo’s high chair in the background.  We also assembled it that day.  We got both chairs last December).


It was then time to put back the reupholstered seat – it’s a pretty creamy beige color (thank you, Lolo!).  The screws were only a wee bit rusty; I figured I can replace them in the future, if they still bug me.

And here it is.  There are some chips there, and I’m trying to decide if I should use wood filler or just leave the chipped paint, the chair being old and all.  But I do just need to get some wood polish, and then we are all set.  (Alo has been using it ever since we put it back together though, and it has really been the perfect height and size for my boy).

Previous post on this chair:  A (High) Chair for Alo


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