I’ve been sharing snippets of my living and dining areas, and there has been quite a lot of progress for both rooms.  Like I shared in this post, the bare essentials for each spot are all in place.  Dining table, dining chairs, 2 high chairs, curtain rod, and shelves in lieu of a sideboard.  I got curtains but they turned out too short, so now I either have to get new ones or figure out how to extend the ones I got.

The living room is also taking shape, and is actually good enough for now.  Couch, coffee table, chair, bench, side table, lamp, even a plant.  Granted, there are existing pieces I need to change (i.e. upgrade) like that floor lamp, which is a hand-me-down, and obviously those curtains.  Here is how it looks now:

Each room is far from over, obviously.  I’ve had to tweak my checklist for both along the way (for instance, I initially listed down a black chair in the living room, but one more is not going to work with the layout I currently have).  All the other things just require SAVING.  Those iron curtain rods are expensive – and even more so since the windows in the living room are bigger and longer.  Plus more curtain panels – need to save up for those too, in addition to an area rug.  As for the dining room, new pendant lights plus scheduling an electrician to come over to install them.

The whole electrical thing is very daunting for me actually.  When the electrician comes I’ll have him replace all the outlets and light switches too.  And I was actually hoping he’d re-do some of the light fixtures upstairs.  The electrician will no doubt be making new holes and things all over my ceiling, so that means I’ll have to get Mang Ariel to patch up the holes afterwards.  And while he’s here, I want Mang Ariel to tackle a bunch of other jobs around the house.  So it’s all a matter of timing now.

Between the 2 rooms, it’s the dining area that feels more finished.  I have quite a long way to go with the living room.

I’ve edited and revised my checklists for both rooms.  In my previous list for the dining room, I included things like 2 bistro chairs and a stool.  Right now, we don’t have any room for extra chairs at the dining table because we got 2 high chairs.  As for the stool, I originally intended to use it as a planter, to cover an electric outlet by the window, and also to actually stand on when we’re reaching for stuff on high shelves and what not.  (I’m kind of obsessed about making sure we have a step stool or step ladder of sorts for every busy area in the house).

I’m also not sure if I want to put a mobile in that corner.  Plus I removed the items for my sideboard from the overall dining room to-do list.  You can see my old dining room checklist here.  But the version below has been pared down and revised.

Dining Room To-Do List
start of project:  15 July 2016 (Pegs for the Dining Room)

end of project (or essentially finished at least): 

  • Return my mother’s table, and buy a new dining table with lighter wood and white metal square legs
  • Get 4 white modern chairs
  • Paint baseboards, beams, and window frames white
  • Buy a sideboard (or shelves)
  • Get a high chair [a gift from my parents!] and splat mat for Alo
  • Mark floor for table placement (for kasambahay’s reference)
  • Replace wooden curtain rod with slim black iron rod
  • Get 2 sets of white curtains (1 set for every day use, 1 set for laundry days)
  • Get a white standing fan or a floor fan
  • Return the pendant lamps to my parents, buy new lighting for the dining room, have an electrician install them, and get Mang Ariel to patch up the ceiling after installation
  • Replace electric switch plates and cover unused electric sockets
  • Put anti-mosquito measures in place: have screen windows installed, get a mosquito zapping machine (with light replacement parts), anti-mosquito plants, and anti-mosquito spray always on hand
  • Get a plant, and a large print, to cover the outlets below the window
  • Buy a high chair and a splat mat for Bo
  • A large print or mirror for the wall to the left of the lanai sliding doors
  • A large plant for one side of the window
  • Buy a clock for the dining room

The reason why I’m buying so many stuff is because we’ve never really bothered to furnish our house.  I’ve been living in rented homes since 2007 but except for our bed, we’ve never really gotten into buying furniture for the house.  Almost everything we have are hand-me-downs!  Ergo: almost everything now is new!

Here’s my updated living room checklist. (See my previous list update here).  Unlike with the dining room,  I haven’t made much revisions on my living room checklist.

Living Room To-Do List
start of project: 06 October 2016 (day the couch was delivered)
end of project (or “finished for now” at least):

  • Replace our 3-seater couch for a loveseat
  • Get a new white round coffee table, and a nesting table or small black square coffee table to go with it
  • Buy a white armchair or rocker
  • Replace my native pouf with something smaller or slimmer
  • Buy a new electric fan – or have our white one finally repaired
  • Replace our hand-me-down Ikea floor lamp
  • Get a sidetable and/or end tables
  • Figure out storage for extra set of curtains and throw pillows, and extra tissue or paper napkins
  • Figure out what to do with the wall and all that blank space behind the front door and rocker
  • Return Mama’s rug, and get a handwoven abaca area rug
  • Replace the wooden curtain rods with black metal ones, and have Mang Ariel install them
  • Wash and return Mama’s old curtains, and get new white curtains – 2 sets (1 for every day, 1 for laundry days)
  • Get 2 sets of throw pillow shams (1 for every day use, 1 for laundry days)
  • Put anti-mosquito measures in place: have screen windows installed, get a mosquito zapping machine (with light replacement parts), anti-mosquito plants, and anti-mosquito spray always on hand
  • Coffee table and side/end table decor with essentials (such as coasters, a tissue or paper napkins holder, and home diffuser)
  • Get an oversized print for the floor, to cover the electrical outlets below the front windows
  • Get a print for the wall
  • Get a large handmade wall decor, and install large hook so we can use it for our advent calendar too
  • Buy a small (and discreet) trash bin

Phew!  The revised lists seem longer!  More specific actually, because all these new, unexpected needs come up during the process (like, hello, anti-mosquito measures!).  I better focus on the more expensive endeavors – the curtain rods and curtains, floor lamp and area rug for the living room, and the curtains and pendant lamps for the dining room.  Good luck to me!