LIVING ROOM: The Longboard Bench by Manila Maker

Here is the longboard bench I ordered from Manila Maker, another wonderful and proudly Pinoy furniture maker I found on Instagram, hehe.  As with Dekko, their stuff is handcrafted.  I especially love the legs of this bench – that’s Edsel’s modern take on regular hairpin legs, and I think it’s his trademark.  (You should see his display cabinet.  Now I know where to have a china cabinet custom made one day).   It took less then a week since Edsel had some benches in stock, and Laz and I went to pick up our bench after school last week.


Here’s Laz testing our bench.  We are in the Fluidsurf store in 18th Street, Cubao.  You can see some of Edsel’s shelves behind Laz too.  (I’m sorry I had to smudge out Laz’s school details from his P.E. uniform).

And since the bench is made out of a longboard, there’s some pretty awesome artwork beneath.  According to Edsel, they produced these slightly thinner longboards for Fluidsurf.  And since they turned out too thin to use for skateboards, he decided to convert them into benches instead.  This longboard bench comes with black legs too.

Here she is at home!  It made me realize my coffee table is too small for this set up, so either I get a nesting table to go with it or I get a larger one.

Manila Maker was great to transact with. Edsel replied promptly to all private messages (we communicated solely through IG).  I opted to pick up the bench from Fluidsurf instead of paying for delivery – it was conveniently near Laz’s school.    Another fuss-free transaction for handcrafted pieces created with love.  I have been so fortunate with the Filipino artisans, makers, and crafters I’ve been meeting lately as I slowly furnish our home.  I like that Manila Maker puts a more modern spin on wood and metal furniture.  The bench is clean and well-made – really sturdy too as both Laz and Alo have been bouncing on it, pretending to skate/surf (neither of them knows how, by the way, hehe).  I highly recommend Manila Maker!!!

(I think it’s time for me to compile a list of my favorite and go-to Filipino furniture and home brands.  I have another set of local brands who do furniture and decor for kids’ rooms too).