DINING AREA: Awkward Bits

I’ve been figuring out the awkward bits in our dining area. We have an open floor layout, with the dining area flowing into the lanai, my Command Center, and the kitchen. Here’s how it looks right now:

The awkward parts are readily apparent. Before we moved here, the dining table was pushed against the window, hence 2 pendant lamps. But now that I moved our table to the center, I’m clearly missing a 3rd pendant lamp there to balance things off.

The wall to the right of the sliding doors houses my Family Command Center and a hanging (and quite bulky) china cabinet we inherited but that I never use. In contrast, the wall to the left of the sliding doors looks rather bare.

I tried moving my Ikea Lerberg shelves to the left of the sliding doors to sort of mirror the right side:

It does look more balanced on both sides but I also think it looks more busy… and a bit more cluttered?  I’m not sure I like it. Maybe a large print or a mirror instead of those shelves?

Here’s the plan for those awkward bits:

#1 – View from the living area. From here, the missing pendant lamp is so glaringly obvious. Like a missing tooth! (In Tagalog – “bungi!”.  The ceiling is a bit high so I may be able to get away with a chandelier. But I need more black pieces.  I’m looking at the pendant lamps in Vintage Hardware Manila and Space Encounters. My waterloo here is not choosing the lamp but rewiring and installation, eek.

#2 – Remove that china cabinet. My dad (who is my landlord, hehe) gave me permission.  I can’t move my Family Command Center because that’s really the best spot for it – right in the middle of everything. That china cabinet makes it dark and blocks a pinlight in the ceiling. I also hardly use it. It needs to go.

#3 – Figure out what to do with that wall. Should the bookcase stay or go?

#4 – The frame for my sliding doors are dark brown.  We also hardly ever close them. Should I just remove them? Get a black or white frame? Or what about wooden room dividers like these by Manila Maker? Or are they fine, being dark brown and all?