FOR THE HOUSE – December 2016 Haul

I never sustained the habit of coming up with a list of clothing purchases (back in the day when I actually got excited about buying clothes).  But I’ve decided to try keeping a list of what I bought for the house, and renovation and construction accomplishments for the past month.  I’m not going to put a price tag because this is not about budgeting.  (Well, not primarily).  I just want to know if my monthly expenses for the house are on track – if I’m staying within my project checklists and not getting too distracted.  I’m going to try not to overspend on non-priority items from here on in!

With those lofty goals in mind I thus present (with much shame) my home hauls for December 2016:

  • L’Indochine grey pillow sham with these multi-colored triangles (as a pair to the one I already have at home) and pink vase with those funny “ears”
  • Gene + Jas cream pillowcases with fun Christmas embroidery – one of red Christmas trees and one with Santa and such
  • Crate & Barrel Christmas ornaments for each of my boys (a blue iguana, a yellow iguana, and a colorful rooster; 2 Santas and a little holiday bell lady)
  • The Paper Stone planner for me and a notebook for Laz, and a Moleskine planner for me (the one for Paper Stone is for colorful doodles).
  • Pottery Barn Kids placemats and plates for Laz and Alo
  • Rustan’s santa containers for each of the boys (to keep their ornaments in)
  • Study desk for Laz from Sta. Lucia
  • H&M holiday pillow shams (red print, and black bejewelled), regular pillow covers for every day use (cream knit, black and white print with a fun fringe, and apple green), and a sweet little pink metal tray
  • Papemelroti coasters (4, the ones with the messages), a wooden blue letter “P”, a scrabble letter “P”, a little crucifix ornament, and Nativity figures
  • White dining room curtains from Uratex (from this brand called Pauline’s) – which ended up too short because I didn’t bother to measure
  • West Elm king size duvet cover (white with black print)
  • Ikea side table, rocking chair, high chair for Bo, white metal shelves, and paper napkin holder
  • RECEIVED: a vintage wooden high chair for Alo – a gift from my parents!  They found it in that Japan surplus store in Tagaytay.  My dad and I refurbished it recently.

Ugh.  That is a terrible list.  The ones in bold are the priorities.  Can we excuse all the Christmas-related purchases?  The study desk for Laz became a necessity because he’s been building tank models recently and he’s been doing it on the floor, poor child.   Funny enough, I ended up getting a lot of the stuff I needed for my living from from Ikea (via Furniture Source!) – dyahe!  I wanted a rocking chair in lieu of an armchair.  I will confess this though – cute as it is, I think I’ll eventually replace that clear little side table I got.  The metal shelves, too, are great but now I’m not quite sure I want to keep them in the dining area (my alternative to a sideboard).  UGH!  I hate they’ll-do-for-now pieces.  I should have thought it over (some more! Haha).  I also hate that my new curtains are too short.

But in spite of the boo boos, there are stuff from December that I truly truly love – starting with Alo’s vintage high chair!  My napkin holder and planners.  My living room coasters.  Our duvet cover.  Our rocking chair.