On Trinkets

2017 is off to good start at home.  I have the bare bones for the living and dining areas, and the shared room downstairs. By bare bones I mean these essentials: coffee table, chair and armchair for the living room; dining table, chairs, high chairs (two! For the younger boys, yay!), and even shelves that I intend to use as sideboard for the dining room; and a bed and a crib for the downstairs bedroom.

But! I use the phrase “bare bones” because the house indeed looks BARE. Knick knacks and decorative items are not top priority right now, plus I’ve really been taking my sweet time picking out stuff for the house. I want to keep it as uncluttered as possible and I only want to get stuff that I truly love. And it’s not even about saving up for expensive items! Like my red Lala planter – I fell hard for that design by the amazing Gawa ni Femi but I had to wait for Hey Kessy to restock.

I also took forever finding a napkin holder. I wanted a flat one, and I found the ones in My Domesticity too dark;  the one light weave holder that I liked went out of stock. I found my woven napkin holder in Furniture Source. Then finding something to weigh down the paper napkins was another little process.  I checked painted rocks in Common Room, L’Indochine, and Papemelroti before happily ending up with that wooden P from Papemelroti. The color makes me happy.  The paper napkins are from H&M where I again happily took my time choosing a design even though a pack only costs Php 99!

I’ve been keeping my eye out for items for my coffee table. I picked up the metal tray from H&M Home (I love the subdued pink), and I’ve always wanted Papemelroti coasters all over the house. I saw sleek marble ones from West Elm and the like, but I really am a sucker for Papemelroti. The paper cacti is from Walloh Designs. I’m in the market for white candle holders and planter for a real plant! (My paper succulent really goes in our Family Command Center). I might change up the tray too because I worry about wet coasters on a metal tray. (I am my mother’s daughter after all).

I noticed that as much as I admire the whole Scandi aesthetic, I really like incorporating Filipino made furniture and furnishings, and handmade or handcrafted things in my house. It feels more personal, somehow, and not like I’m just copying a look from a magazine or Pinterest.

I suppose some people might think this is nuts (who obsesses about a napkin holder??), but I find that paying attention to each tiny detail at home, and taking my time, makes me love our house, and everything in it, more and more each day. And isn’t that precisely the point when you decorate?