DINING ROOM: A (High) Chair for Alo

My folks made a beeline to Tagaytay the day after we got back from Bohol.  (They have a farm there and always visit after they’ve been away).  They passed by our favorite Japan surplus store along the national highway from Sta. Rosa and Tagaytay proper.  Then my dad sent me a photo of this awesome vintage high chair they found there for Alo:

I gasped when I saw it.  Isn’t it lovely???  It’s made of hardwood and in pretty good condition.  I love the design in the back, and its subtle curves.  I think it has so much personality.  THANK YOU, LOLO AND LOLA FOR ALO’S CHAIR!!!


Another photo in the Japan surplus store.

We need to replace the stained leather seat of course, and I plan to remove the seat belt because Alo doesn’t need it.  My folks dropped it off at home and when Alo tried it out, well, it was just perfect for him! It’s just the right height for our dining table, too, and with enough space on the seat for my wriggly little boy.

We tested a bunch of high chairs but Alo is really too big for most of them – especially the ones with the non-detachable trays.  He only really fits into a Stokke chair, but I still need to save up for it!  I was considering a booster chair, or this Kaboost universal chair booster, which got good reviews online and even has one picture with our dining chair, so I knew it would fit.  I was all set to order it – locally available in Milk and Honey – but then this lucky thrift find!  Hurrah!  (Although the Kaboost is sooo useful.  And only Php 1,499 in Milk and Honey.  The H wants to get one for when we eat out or visit the grannies).

I would still like one Stokke chair because I think the design is just brilliant – BUT! Now I can take my time saving up for it and eventually get it for Bo, instead of Alo.  The Stokke chair costs Php 12,500. This vintage chair of ours which, in my unbiased opinion, is just as striking as the Stokke, is only Php 1,000!  Can you believe it???!!  Thrifting is so awesome!!!!!  (I wish I knew what period it came from.  Is it mid-century?  It looks kind of retro too don’t you think?)

I have plans to refurbish our lovely vintage high chair, so stay tuned!