LIVING ROOM: Some Progress

Well, I have a couch, a coffee table, a chair (and a pouf), a lamp, and a side table.  In other words, the bare bones for my itty bitty living room are in place. But! (And there is always a but!) Clearly, there is still much to be done with my living room (or living “area” because I have an open floor layout downstairs). Starting with my curtains! I swear, they aren’t that dirty – it’s the blasted dirty white color. (Pramis. Defensive. Ehehe).

As I shared in my last post on our living room, I lived with just the couch and the coffee table fot a few months. The clear side table and rocker are the latest additions.

I’ve been waiting for that white rocker for ages and Furniture Source finally restocked.  I had that rocker reserved along with metal shelves, but I ended up picking up a few more pieces. All Ikea, of course. Sigh. Like a college student furnishing her first dorm; it is a “first” of sorts though because I never really got into decorating or furnishing my past homes, so the Ikea baptism of fire into the world of interiors seems quite fitting.

Clearly I haven’t gotten around to decorating just yet as I want to focus on the bigger (i.e. more expensive) items. I also don’t want to buy whatever trinket just to fill up the space. I’m trying to buy only things that I really love.  That’s the goal.

Here’s a shot of my living room at night, with some notes on how I hope to eventually spruce up the space:

#1 – Change the curtains rods (to slim black ones, like in the dining area) and curtains (to floor length white ones). As with my dining room, you can see how those chunky wooden rods (which came with the house) do not quite go with the “look” I am trying to go for at home. And short curtains look terrible if you have minimal furniture like me, as you can see from the photo!

#2 – How to fill up that blank wall? That’s right by the front door. Do I put a mirror? Hang a guitar? (Or put a guitar on a stand?) Do I hang a print or a mobile? I’d also like plants – lots of ’em – in that corner. Since it’s right by the front door keeping plants there would make it easier for me to haul out my plants in case they need sun.

#3 – A square sidetable. I’m thinking a low square stool or a tall slender square sidetable. I want something square to break up all the circles in that area.

#4 – Prints for this wall or floating shelves or a book case maybe?

#5 – A console table behind the couch or a huge plant?

#6 – A rug. I’m thinking an abaca rug then something printed layered over it.

#7 – I’d like to eventually replace this pouf for a stool or short bench.

#8 – Same: I’d like to eventually replace this floor lamp too. It’s an Ikea hand-me-down from my folks, and I’d like something more architectural or sculptural.

Of course most of the stuff I listed above are part of my overall Living Room To-Do List below:

Living Room To-Do List
start of project: 06 October 2016 (day the couch was delivered)
end of project (or “finished for now” at least):

  • Replace our 3-seater couch for a 2-seater
  • Get a new (white) coffee table
  • Return Mama’s rug, and get a new one
  • Replace the wooden curtain rods with black metal ones, and have Mang Ariel install them
  • New curtains – 2 sets (1 to use, 1 for laundry days)
  • Flat wooden dish or basket for the coffee table
  • Get 1 black chair, and 1 white or wooden or rattan chair
  • Replace my Ikea floor lamp
  • Get a tree and a planter
  • Replace my native pouf with something smaller and/or slimmer, or get a stool
  • Get a side table with storage for extra pillow covers and curtains
  • Get 2 sets of pillow covers for every day use (1 set to use, 1 for laundry days)
  • Hook for large wall hanging, and another hook for a smaller wall hanging or for guitar