DINING ROOM: Brighter and Lighter

Finally sharing our dining area after we (i.e. Mang Ariel and I) made some tweaks – I shared the new curtain rod we got, and here’s how it looks with the rest of the space:


Like I mentioned in this post, all we basically did was to change up the window treatment, and paint that beam by the ceiling, baseboards, and window frames white.  (That thing on the right corner is the china cabinet above the Family Command Center – which I’ve updated as well!  Will be sharing that soon).  The curtain rods really made a big difference.  I replaced the chunkier old wooden rod with a slimmer black iron one, and I raised it higher.  It’s wider too.  Here’s the before and after:


In the “after” photo you’ll see my new-old low white shelves.  They’re from the shelves we used for the kids’ toys in the lanai right now (you can see them here in our old house) – I had new toy cabinets built for the boys, and Mang Ariel chopped up the old shelves for me.  I made good use of the old wood too – aside from the shelves above, I had a laundry bin made, an under bed storage crate thingy (for toys), and shelves for Laz (for his dioramas, he said).

That low shelf is the only update for this corner since my last post. I’ll be using those new-old low shelves in lieu of a sideboard for now.  Had them (and Laz’s own new-old shelves) lined with formica to prevent paint chips, which drives me nuts (the H says I’m a formica addict, eek).  And while I am itching to have the pendant lights re-aligned and/or replaced, I need to have an electrician come in, so I figured I’d wait and have all my electrical done in one day.  And by gosh, we need curtains ASAP!

Dining Room To-Do List
start of project:  15 July 2016 (Pegs for the Dining Room)
end of project (or essentially finished at least): 

  • Get a table
  • Buy 4 white chairs
  • Buy 2 bistro chairs (gun-metal)
  • High chair for Alo (or booster seat on metal bistro chair)
  • Replace wooden curtain rods with black iron ones
  • 2 sets of curtains (1 white, 1 replacement for laundry days)
  • Mark floor with tape for table position (for kasambahay’s reference!)
  • Paint base boards, beams, and window frames white
  • Get a white standing fan
  • Replace electric switch plates
  • Cover unused electric sockets
  • Sideboard (or shelves)
  • High chair for Bo
  • Splat mats for Alo and Bo
  • Get a stool
  • Install hook in corner for mobile
  • Wall decor or print
  • A plant and a planter
  • For sideboard: iPod dock
  • For sideboard: Coasters in container
  • For sideboard: Paper napkins in holder
  • For sideboard: Containers  for table centerpieces (when I switch them around)
  • For sideboard: Wooden tray for existing centerpieces (when removed during meals)
  • For sideboard: File box for my take-out menus