LIVING ROOM: A Couch and a Coffee Table


Loveseat from SM Our Home; throw pillow covers and inserts all from H&M Home

Funny little story about my couch – it was delivered the day I gave birth to Bo.  The guys from Our Home brought it the morning of October 06, and there I was, grunting and groaning, apparently already in labor when I was supervising the delivery guys.

The couch is a gift from my parents – it’s a loveseat, clearly, and I’m happy about the mid-century design, and that it’s grey, and compact!  I returned the 3-seater couch my mother gave me – it was fine but it dominated my tiny living room.  I read that smaller furniture won’t necessarily make a small room bigger, but I prefer it because I want that area to look more open and airy somewhat.

(I’m a little embarrassed about the curtains.  They’re hand me downs from my mother and sheer, with sea shells attached at the bottom.  They went well with the eclectic Bohemian vibe my mother got going but look out of place with the Scandi look I’ve been trying to chase.  They’re also cream-colored and look dirty in photos because of the color and, fine, because they are dirty, eeek).


Handcrafted coffee table from Dekko (with our witches’ broom parking decor for Halloween in the background)

Dekko delivered my coffee table about a week after I gave birth.  I LOVE it.  As with my dining table, it is perfect and the workmanship is neat and top notch, as usual.  I am unabashedly a big fan of Dekko!  The table is sitting on another hand me down – the old rug is from my mother and I need to replace it too because I don’t like the orange trim.  One step at a time!

The black strips by the door are the non-slip adhesives my dad put in; I’m keeping them, but I obviously need a door mat, hehe.   I told Nath from Dekko I’d be getting a 2-seater, so he measured and I actually ordered the coffee table before I even found a couch I liked.


Here they are together, with my Halloween pillows from last week

I have a confession about that coffee table though – and Dekko’s going to kill me – but I had Mang Ariel cover the top with white formica.  I saw Alo playing there a couple of times and noted a chip on the table top.  Since I have three (count ’em, THREE) little boys, I don’t want to have to worry about my furniture – and I refuse to be the kind of mom constantly admonishing her kids to be careful – so I had my carpenter put formica to protect my handcrafted table.  It’s easy to peel off and remove, and Mang Ariel can just repaint the table white when the little boys are older.


What’s next you say?  Well, to me, work on the living room started the day I placed my order for my coffee table with Dekko.  Unfortunately, I still have such a long way to go for this space!  (And I intend to finish my dining area first before I tackle the rest of the living room).  But I’m happy we have the essentials at least – a couch and a coffee table!

And now for my to-do list!  It changed, because in my first list I was working around my 3-seater couch.  Here’s how my list looks today:

Living Room To-Do List
start of project:  06 October 2016 (day the couch was delivered)
end of project (or essentially finished at least): 

  • Replace our 3-seater couch for a 2-seater
  • Get a new coffee table (white!)
  • Return Mama’s rug, and get a new one
  • Replace the wooden curtain rods with black metal ones, and have Mang Ariel install them
  • New curtains – 2 sets (1 to use, 1 for laundry days)
  • Flat wooden dish or basket for the coffee table
  • Get 1 black chair, and 1 white or wooden or rattan chair
  • Replace my Ikea floor lamp
  • Get a faux tree and a planter
  • Replace my native pouf with something smaller and/or slimmer, or get a stool
  • Get a side table with storage for extra pillow covers and curtains
  • Get 2 sets of pillow covers for every day use (1 set to use; another set for laundry days)
  • Hook for large wall hanging, and another hook for a smaller wall hanging or for the guitar