DINING ROOM: “Opening Up” the Windows


Remember my dining area windows?  Well, the beams and window grills have all been painted white.  Base boards, too, even though you can’t see it in this photo.  As you can see, Mang Ariel has attached my black iron curtain rod, and patched up the holes left from the brackets of the old wooden rods.  I had Mang Ariel follow the height and width guidelines for hanging curtains that I shared in this post too.  Conclusion: I LOVE how clean and airy it now looks!  As in love love LOVE.

Next up: curtains, of course!

Update!  I got this idea from this post by Sugarplum.  I usually keep a long to-do list of all my projectsto-do list of all my projects for the house.  This blogger posts her to-do list per room at the bottom of each post about that room or whatever updates or progress she has to report about that corner or project.  So I’m going to do the same (aside from my uber long consolidated list, hehe – my latest one here!).

Dining Room To-Do List
start of project:  15 July 2016 (Pegs for the Dining Room)
end of project (or essentially finished at least): 

For my Sideboard/Shelves:

  • iPod dock
  • Coasters in container
  • Paper napkins in holder
  • Containers  for table centerpieces (when I switch them around)
  • Wooden tray for existing centerpieces (when removed during meals)
  • File box for my take-out menus