Dining Area Windows and To-Do List

I was obsessing about 2 things right before I gave birth (that’s a separate post altogether – my beautiful Bo has lit up my life in ways I never imagined!): throw pillows and window treatments.

This was how my dining area windows used to look:



I like to take a lot of “Before” photos because I can review the photos relentlessly and figure out what’s off.  In this case, I think it’s the windows/curtains.  Based on 2 articles I read (links below), the rod should hang 4-6 inches above the window, and it should be 8-12 inches wider than the window. Yikes. With the ceiling beam you see on the left, I don’t think we have space for 8 inches on either side.

The rod is also starting to sag in the middle, and the curtains I believe are too short.  (My mom’s old curtains; they used shorter ones because, when they used to live here, their dining table was pushed against the window).  But I do need to work on my windows – the dining area is small and, even though I am no decorating pro, my gut tells me those windows will really help in opening up the space.  I also think the black window frames and the ceiling beam and grey strip by the floor (ack I keep forgetting what it’s called) delineate the room and breaks it up, making the proportions look even smaller.

Here’s the same photo, with my to-do list for this area:


While I have yet to measure, I don’t think my curtain rod (I got a black steel one, not in the picture though) will be able to extend 8 inches out from either side of the window.  Maybe I should explore blinds?

I’ve had Mang Ariel paint the window frames white, and the beam is now white, too.  Mang Ariel will be painting that grey strip by the floor white as well.  I just need to figure out the curtains/blinds situation, get rid of the junk in the corner, and eventually replace the electric socket covers.  As for the other numbered items on my list, it’s mostly aesthetic:

#1New pendant lights eventually.  I have to check tomorrow if they’re really not centered, or if I just need to move my table.  I think I may have to put some sort of marker on the floor for the kasambahays, because that table keeps moving around on the floor every time they sweep or whatever.  And there are only 2 pendant lights, which worked based on where my folks’ table was positioned before, pushed against the window, but now the 2 lights look off on my table, which I placed somewhere more centered in the dining area.

#2 – The more I analyze that spot, the more I think a sideboard might be too crowded there, especially if I put Alo or Bo’s high chair on the other end.  But I would need to put something beneath the window.  Maybe a bench with plants?  A lower cabinet?  A skinny console?  If I do away with curtains and use blinds, maybe a row of anti-mosquito plants in pots?

#3In lieu of a sideboard under the window, maybe slim metal shelves beside the window.  Furniture Source still sells those Ikea Lerberg shelving units and they are dirt-cheap!

#4Hang a mobile from a hook in the ceiling.  I want to put my Cornerstone Pottery Farm mobile there, and switch it up for holidays.

#5A print on the wall.  I have to measure that wall.  I’ve decided on moss art from Habilcrafts.  Then I can switch up that frame too for holiday decorating.

#6 – In the future – maybe replace the brown sliding doors with white ones.  (I mentioned before about inquiring at Ben’s Windoors, thanks to Glads!).  I hope to one day figure out how to hide the mess in the lanai/playroom when all the kids’ toys are strewn out.  Curtains may be too dangerous with a baby and a toddler around.  And blinds there may not make sense.  (One of those things I’ll have to mull over).

Here are 2 useful articles on how to hang your curtains: