Holiday Decor Loot from LaPomme


Handmade haul from LaPomme (and a giggling photobomber)

It’s been a week of deliveries!  Today, my order from LaPomme arrived – YAY!  I’ve been slowly prepping for Halloween and Christmas (and Laz’s birthday!), and I knew I wanted to keep my holiday decors simple and, when I can get away with it, preferably handmade!


I love that the delivery came with free drawstring pouches where I can store my decorations

I simply emailed Apol from LaPomme, with a request for a quote and photos of what I’ve seen of her stuff and which I wanted.  Apol then sent me back a quotation, and I paid 50% deposit.  I paid the remaining balance and shipping fees when Apol emailed to tell me that my orders were ready, and Apol sent over the shipment.  I ordered 10 hand-sewn items, and Apol had them ready in a little less than a month!  Awesome.  Apol responded promptly to everything, and my entire transaction with LaPomme went very smoothly.  The products are also extremely well made – not a stitch out of place.  I almost can’t believe everything is still handmade by Apol.  I highly recommend LaPomme!


My trees and pumpkins turned out larger than I expected!  They aren’t going to fit on my coffee table (I originally wanted to have all 3 pumpkins in a wooden dish or basket on my coffee table).  I now have 1 pumpkin on a wooden dish on our dining table, and plan to have just 1 on my coffee table too when it arrives.

Quick note:  I intend to put plush items and other kid-friendly decorations on my living room coffee table so my little boys can play with them!

Update:  LaPomme is on sale!  50% off!  Eek!