IN PROGRESS: Dark Walls (and Pegs for Dark Rooms for Kids)

Please excuse yaya’s messy bed and somewhat grubby sheets, eek

I am happy to report that I finally got around to having the boys’ shared bedroom painted.  Actually, the happy part is finding the perfect dark grey paint – I wanted something that would look almost purple or navy depending on the light.  I took these photos with my cellphone camera, so they do not do justice to the actual color, but you kind of get an idea of how well it looks with white and green.

I originally planned on having the bathroom and cabinet doors painted white, but I ended up liking how the green looked with the dark walls, so I decided to keep it!

The notches you see in the window frames are from the old blinds.  I had the blinds removed (including the notches, haha).  I canvassed for roller blinds (plain white or cream colored ones) because I read somewhere it’s dangerous having long curtains by a toddler bed or crib. (Are blinds any better though?)  The window grills used to be black too – I had Mang Ariel paint them white.

I’ve always wanted one of my boys’ rooms to be painted dark grey, and I studied a gazillion photos online of dark rooms and nurseries (some photos and links I’ll be sharing below!).  I also read that for teeny rooms, painting them all white will only work if these rooms get a lot of natural light (check Emily Henderson’s article “Design Mistake #3: Painting a Small, Dark Room White“).  Both the shared boys’ room and Laz’s bedroom are all small – but Laz’s room has two huge windows and gets a lot of light.  Alo and Bo’s room is tucked in the front of the house and doesn’t get a lot of light at any time of the day.  So I decided to paint their room dark grey.

Another plus:  the furniture in the shared boys’ room are all either inexpensive or hand-me-downs.  Once I started painting the furniture white, I discovered it looked so much better (and not as cheapie looking) against the deep dark walls.  So far, so good!

Oh!  And the paint I got wasn’t the expensive imported brand we used to buy for our bedroom in one of our old houses.  That’s just Davies Paints – around Php 850 per gallon, yay!  (The green my dad used for the bathroom and cabinet doors is just Boysen’s “Nile Green”, also inexpensive).

And now to share my dark room pegs!  I have so many, hehe, and I’m posting them all here so I won’t misplace or lose the photos and links.

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Images from: Design Sponge; My Life in Transition; Project Nursery (Harper’s Room); Beau Monde Mama; and Decor Dots

Okay, I know the Decor Dots photo isn’t dark, but I so love the prints and how monochromatic everything is.    Notice also how primary colors really pop against dark walls?  I can go a bit colorful for the decor in Bo and Alo’s room because of that wall!

Dark grey (or even black) kids’ rooms:

Light grey kids’ rooms:

And a whole bunch of grey rooms, both light and dark:

Aaaand, I just really love Decor Dots’ entire archive for kids’ room, both light, dark, and mostly Nordic!  Oh and speaking of Nordic, here are 3 links for Scandinavian kids’ rooms: