DINING ROOM: Chairs at last (and life lately)

It’s been over a month since my last post (I’m not counting my checklist updates), and so much has happened since – both from the family and the home perspectives!  I’ll be ante-dating some Mommy Closet posts to document the belly growth for Bo’s sake some day, but for most of the updates I’ll be moving forward.  Admittedly, there have been quite a number of hauls – I’ve been on serious nesting mode and am still hoping to get the major areas done before the baby comes.  I’ll be hitting my 34th week this Monday, so I’m giving myself 3 more weeks if Bo follows previous schedules!  (Both Laz and Alo were born on my 37th week and 3rd day exactly).

Anyhoo!  I guess one of the biggest updates on the home front is that we finally got dining chairs!


Sorry for the lousy photo – obviously, took this at night time.  Oh, but notice my red riding hood planter?  Been waiting a while for Hey Kessy to restock that in that large size.  I could’ve ordered from Gawa ni Femi online, but since I’m in U.P. Town a lot, I figured I’d prefer to wait until Hey Kessy restocked rather than pay for shipping.  I so love her – I have yet to name her, teehee.

I finally decided to go with the Charles chairs with the metal legs from MOD Living.  As I shared in this post, it took me weeks and weeks of deciding between these with the steel legs or the wooden ones (another Eames repro available at MOD Living).   I worried about white and wood chairs being too matchy matchy with my dining table (despite my dining room peg here).  I really felt like I needed some contrast – be it ever so subtle like chair legs, for crying out loud – and I am SO happy that: 1) I was finally able to make up my mind, hahaha, and 2) how the chairs go so well with our handcrafted dining table from Dekko (which, by now, is a store that I love to pieces).

And yes, I refused to peel off the plastic wrap around my table legs until everything was Just. So.  And to think I got this table early August!  I would have left the plastic covering the table top, too, had Laz not complained about it.  (I went down to dinner one day and discovered Laz had removed the plastic – iritang irita siya, hehe.  Naka irita nga naman, furniture still wrapped in plastic! HAHAHA).

What kept me occupied for this area was completing the pieces for my table settings.  Naging suki na ako ng Crate & Barrel in Megamall and Habitat Manila in U.P. Town.  I will also not tell you how many times I’ve made a beeline to an H&M Home in the past month (ang mura naman kasi!!!).  It became to me what Common Room was before when I was setting up the Family Command Center and School Station.  Save for ordering monogrammed napkins over at The Olive Tree (via telephone and email actually, not through their site), drooling over some stuff from Bungalow 300 (ang layo kasi from me!) and ordering some handmade holiday decors, it’s been all about ducking in and out of brick and mortar places for plates, table napkins, and what not.

It took forever to find the perfect glassware, monogrammed table napkins, trivets, the right coasters, etcetera etcetera ETCETERA.  Yes, there are lots of etceteras because I like to complicate my life with details.  (I literally spent weeks getting my coasters together).  I couldn’t figure out the combinations; I only knew I didn’t want everything to match.  I am a newbie at table settings!  I agonized about every little thing, of course.  (You know when I say “agonize” I’m actually loving every minute of it, right?).  In fact, as of today, I can’t even say I’ve finally completed everything I want/need!  (I NEED WOODEN BOWLS.  The ones I’ve found are way too big – I don’t need a huge salad serving bowl or a fruit bowl, just a mid-sized wooden bowl for serving rice!!!).

I squeezed in some little projects – like figuring out the laundry situation, finishing my Grocery Bag, updating Alo’s baby bottles (and consequently, the Small and Medium Diaper Bags), and I’ve had tons and tons of blood tests and hospital visits.  (I have hyperthyroid, so it’s a bit of a high risk pregnancy, sigh).  I’ve had major submissions for one job, and back to back deadlines for another.  And Laz had a gazillion school activities or requirements!  Recently we attended the salu-salo.  I am so glad we have that School Station – it’s quite a challenge keeping up with everything his school needs.  What more when I have to do this for THREE boys?  My gulay.

Aaaand I don’t even want to get started on the personal front. More bombs dropping, rediscovering my faith, renewed laser-like focus on work work work – that’s it in a nutshell.  I thank God for my kids – Alo has become so extremely affectionate lately, and Manong Laz made the honor roll!  Ack!  My blessings.  Thank you, Lord.

But since the baby is coming I’ve thrown myself back to prepping the house.  NESTING ON STEROIDS. Hah.  I’ve had help though – the H, in spite of not living here, helps with furnishing the house and bought the dining chairs for us.  (Thank you!).  My mother has offered to buy me a grey couch as long as I clear the living area (I did!  Just need Caritas to pick up boxes for donation).  And I paid the down payment for my coffee table – to be made by Dekko, of course.  Mang Ariel is scheduled to come next week to paint the room Bo and Alo will be sharing (eeek, I need to run out and get that special paint na talaga this weekend).

Pray for me please!  I need to finish all my pending work due AND the baby’s room before I pop!!