Kids’ Table Setting for Halloween


Laz’s Halloween table setting for the whole month of October.

I wanted to include the word “SIMPLE” in the blog title but it would be a mouthful. “Simple” was the objective though – Laz and I had to compromise.  My eldest son has been bugging me for years to decorate for Halloween.  It was never a favorite holiday for me, and I found most of the available Halloween decors I’d see in the malls too kitschy or over the top.  I saw some really lovely Halloween table settings online – with black candle sticks and pumpkins and all – but it’s just not for me.  I wanted something minimalist, and clean clean clean.  Plus, we don’t have fall here, and we don’t even have those big orange pumpkins – it’s just a tad too Western – so I’m keeping the pumpkin decor to a minimum too.

Alo-table setting 2016.jpg

Alo’s place.  Their dad says the cat actually looks like a birthday cat, but Alo likes it, yay!  They only had 3 designs left in the Pottery Barn Kids BGC and Estancia branches – the owl, the black cat, and the witch.  Hopefully next year I’ll be able to buy a spider or skeleton print.

This is Alo’s place.  I included a feeding bowl because my 2-year-old often gets restless sitting down at the table for meals, and likes to race around or sit in the lanai when Yaya feeds him.  (The bowl is part of a 2-piece set from Munchkin; I just lucked out that 1 of the bowls came in orange).  I’m already in the process of upgrading Alo’s every day tableware, so the orange feeding bowl was an added bonus for Halloween.  (My Diko has graduated from rubber baby spoons!)

Unlike Laz’s utensils, Alo’s cutlery are stainless steel from Pottery Barn Kids and of really nice quality.  I’ll replace Laz’s flimsy utensils next year – these are the SM-bought ones I bought for the driver’s packed lunch last year; I looked in Pottery Barn and in Rustan’s but couldn’t find a nice 12-piece utensil set in white.  Actually, I was hoping to get a 3-piece set for Alo with a knife, but they didn’t have that in white in both PB Kids branches in Manila.

Kids-table setting 2016.jpg

Got these spider chair covers, too.  They only had 2 left in PB Kids Estancia, and I may have to get a 3rd chair cover in BGC for Bo, otherwise the 3 boys won’t match next year, eek! FYI, ALL the Halloween decor in PB Kids in Estancia are on sale – most are 50-60%!  I called early September if Pottery Barn had Halloween decors already, and am I ever glad I didn’t run out right away to get them.  Yep, there are a lot less options for tableware at this point (I would have dearly wanted a spider print plate), but hey, like I told Laz, we’ll build up our holiday decorations every year, bit by bit.

Speaking of Bo, I ended up buying 3 plates instead of just 2 as I originally intended – just in case Pottery Barn doesn’t make the same kind or size next year!  I stocked up on the tumblers, too, and got 3 with the spider print because that’s my favorite design – 1 for each little boy in my life.


Ready for 3 P’s come next October!

In the years to come I only plan to add a few things, like black table napkins, and maybe those acrylic skull goblets Laz spotted in Rustan’s.  Or I might not, hehe!  I am liking the uncluttered look right now.  Oh, but I actually wanted to order skull-print plates from The Coolist (for adults!), and they emailed me back their prices, but I wasn’t able to place my orders in time.  I also didn’t want to spend on Halloween plates for ME this year, since I still need to get 1 or 2 items by way of decorations.

I’ll share our simple Halloween decor at home in another post!

*Sources and price lists after the break!

Rattan oval placemats (Php 425) from Rustan’s – it’s almost half the price for the same placemats in Greenhills, but I didn’t have time to go there and ended up getting 4 of these in Rustan’s Gateway

White mother of pearl round coasters from Greenhills (Php 300 for a set of 6) – a gift last month from the H.

Halloween plates (bamboo fiber melamine) with the owl (Php 198), witch (Php 119), and black cat (Php 119); tumblers (3 spiders, 2 jack o’lanterns, 1 witch, 1 blackt cat; at Php 158 each); Alo’s white fork and spoon (Php 595 for the set); and 2 spider chair covers (Php 398 each), all from Pottery Barn Kids

Laz’s white 3-piece utensils set by Gibson (old), available at SM Department Store (Php 249.75 for the set)