ENTRYWAY: Before Shots and Inspirations (plus my Mini Me)

We don’t have an actual foyer or hallway in our little home.  This wall between our front door and the kids’ School Station is my entire entry way!  My no-entryway entry!


With my mini me, Alonzo.  (This shot was  intended for a Mommy Closet/preggo diary post – and now it’s my first post about our entryway.  Might as well hit 2 birds with 1 stone, hehe).

From this photo alone, the 2 glaringly obvious things I need to do is to switch out the light switches and sockets (they are stained and old), and paint the grey moldings (to white).  The living room is part of my priority list, and this corner opens up right into our living area.  It’s also the first thing I see when I step inside the house.  So it’s going to be part of our living room makeover.  (Actually, start over?  Since my living area is completely bare right now).

Aside from pinning photos, I’ve also been reading up on entryway essentials and –  applying what I read – I sat down and figured out the components and essentials for ours, and initially came up with what we DON’T need or use it for:

  • We have a Family Command Center by our back door where we deposit keys and mail, and I’ll be putting up the hooks I got for our laundry room which is basically our mudroom too.
  • We have a place to stow the kids’ bags in the School Station right when you enter our home.
  • The no-entryway entry is too small to fit an arm chair or a console.
  • We don’t need to get a light fixture because it’s right by the living room windows – it’s flooded with light in the day time and at night, there’s a pin light socket in the ceiling built right over the front door.

In short, I don’t need my entryway to be super functional – I just mostly want it to look nice!

I’ve narrowed down these 3 components for my entrway: working with the wall, how we can use the space, and putting details I love.

#1 – Working with the wall.  Since my entire entryway consist of just this wall, I definitely need to work vertically.


This entryway by Umbra (with hooks, mirrors, and umbrella stand by Umbra, of course) is my peg of sorts – a sliver of wall beside the door.

My lotus root umbrella stand by Qualy (available from Me + U) stays.  I bought it precisely for this corner, and I intend to work around it.  I’m keeping the wall pretty simple – I just need 3 hooks and a mirror.  That’s it.

#2 – How we can use this space (i.e. what we need right by the door).   The operative word is “can” because we don’t really use or need this space, as I described above.  So hooks for rain gear, maybe a mirror, and maybe a place for shoes and extra slippers.   Still trying to decide if I need a basket or something for packages that Mang Manny brings down from the car?  (I have a wire basket under the stairs, a few steps away from the front door).


More entryway items from Umbra (via 1 and 2) – I love their stuff.  The entryway on the left is so pretty but also has a lot going on in terms of function and efficiency, and I don’t need all that stuff for ours.  The one on the right is closer to what we need – a seat or storage, an umbrella stand, and hooks.

#3 – Details I love.   Aside from a mirror, I would dearly love a planter in my entryway, and a pretty door mat or a personalized door mat.  (We need 2 – one for indoors, and a more heavy duty one for outside the door).

Some details, some frills I like for entries I saw online:

Picture frames and seating.    I love the idea of decorating with picture frames on the walls.  And these 2 teeny no-entryway entries provide seating, too.


Images L-R from Badlands and SF Girl by Bay

Hooks.  Such interesting hooks below.  I like the pop of green – since my umbrella stand is the pop of color in my own entry, I want to keep everything else very neutral.  And how about that lovely dark grey wall and door mat?  The last photo has hooks for the adults in the house and a lower row for the kiddos – what a great idea!

Shoe trays.  Some guests remove their shoes upon entering the house (even if we don’t require them to) – it’s a very endearing Filipino habit.  I could put out some of the boys’ slippers there, too (though again, this is not necessary).  So how about shoe trays or even a shoe crate like this one?

Row of Hooks + Bench + Pictures.  I’d consider a stool instead of a bench for our space. And I like how in the 1st photo, they use their hooks for hats and totes (works for me since we don’t have winter gear here anyway).

Mirrors.  In the 1st shot below, they basically have a little bit of everything in their teeny entry – a ledge, row of hooks, mirror, picture frames, lighting, plants, etc.!  But it works, doesn’t it?  In the 2nd picture below, by Oh Happy Day, she trimmed it down to the barest of essentials – row of hooks, seat, umbrella holder, mirror.  And I don’t know if you can see it properly, but in the 3rd photo they have clipboards on their wall beside the full length mirror.

More entryways I like (as you can see, the design styles are all very different, but I like the personality they injected into their space):

Look at this tiny house and how they were able to fit seats and a desk by their entry:

I’m pinning this blogger’s entryway because she has reddish floors like mine – I love how she turned her entry into something really bright and airy:

I discovered this site, Reading My Tea Leaves via A Cup of Jo, and I am so amazed by their minimalist home and lifestyle.  Their no-entryway way is part of their living area and bedroom.  Amazing.

Since I’m putting all my pegs and inspirations in this post, here’s my Entryway board in Pinterest and some helpful articles on creating a small entry way:

 Aaaaaaand since this was originally supposed to be a maternity/pregnancy post, here I am with Alo again, with our outfit details haha:

On Mamu: Tala Manila top; American Eagle jeans; Birkenstock sandals; Thomas Sabo necklace; vintage Coach crossbody bag |   On Diko: F&X Clothing tee; Maui & Sons shorts; Adidas sneakers  | (21 August 2016)