PEGS: Clipboard Wall Art

I’ve been crushing on clipboard wall art for a while now.  When I get around to decorating the house, I know I’ll do this project (I’m still in the organizing stage).  In the meantime, here are my favorites:

In the first 2 photos, the bloggers used different kinds of clipboards, and did a gallery wall thing.  It’s so pretty, but I don’t have a good eye for creating an eclectic gallery wall like that, with everything misaligned but still unified and artsy.  I like, and feel more capable of recreating, something simpler and more streamlined like the 6 clipboards in that 3rd picture.

I LOVE these.  I think it may be more my style.  I’ve been trying to think of 4-letter words I can use when I want to switch up the typography.  Like “HOME” for every day, “LOVE” for Valentine’s, maybe “NOEL” for Christmas?  Is there a 4-letter word for Christmas?  Or Easter?  Or birthdays?  Heehee.

I’d love to use typography clipboard art to describe current seasons or celebrations, such as the ones featured above.  (It was even harder to come up with 3-letter words.  Maybe “EAT” for every day like in this site, but that means I have to put them near the dining area.  “JOY” for Christmas?).


All images from Real Living PH

Love the clipboards and the dark grey walls in these photos.  I love that girl’s house featured in Real Living, period.  We used to have beautiful midnight blue/dark grey walls in our old bedroom in the Darius house.  I still kind of miss it.  I don’t think I can pull off the eclectic look, but I enjoy it in other people’s homes.

P.S. This local brand, Artefact Handmade (FB), decorates clipboards with great graphic designs.